Specialized Appliance Service and Savings for Home Builders

Most home-buying decisions are made the moment the potential buyers walk into the kitchen.

We’ve worked with Florida builders for more than 30 years, so we understand just how critical the right kitchen design and appliances are to your business.

Free Service for Florida Home Builders

Before your customers move in, our service department does a quality check to ensure they're welcomed into their new homes with trouble-free, fully functioning appliances.

With our own in-house, trained and certified service department, we can coordinate our delivery and installation specialists so this quality check happens behind the scenes. What a difference this makes to our builders!

Then, after the homeowner moves into their new home, we send out an appliance specialist who spends personal time demonstrating in a “hands-on” way how to operate and care for their new appliances. These before and after services make us an integral part of our builders' team and help you provide a valuable and distinguishing service to your product  — at no additional cost.

Home Builders Association Metro OrlandoChoose from Every Available Option

Our Upgraded and Premium Lines offer the features and styles that make home buyers say, “I love this kitchen. I have to have this house.”

And our Eco-Friendly line has the latest in energy-saving advancements… meeting the greenest demands of today’s eco-savvy buyer.

Work one-on-one with an appliance specialist to create the visual line that can help do more than sell a single home — it can be the selling point for an entire development.

We Work Around Your Schedule

And the best part is you can do all this and stick to your schedule. We know the tight constraints on your time, so we’re here to help you meet those deadlines. Plus, our industry connections mean you have your order on time every time.

You can even set up a one-on-one consultation during a time that’s right for you… early morning or late at night. Just let us know when, and we’ll be here when you need us.

Home buyers know top quality appliances when they see them...

Give them their dream kitchen and their reason to say, “Yes! This is the house for me.”2013 Sponsor of: Master Custom Builder Council