Christmas day is almost here……the flurry of busyness, shopping, and holiday preparations have been happening all month and are winding down with the last few days of December.  Days have been filled with all types of holiday celebrations, and we asked  some of our staff to share a few memories and traditions they have enjoyed over the years…….enjoy.

 We love getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve and exchanging Christmas stockings.  ~  Cheryl

On Christmas Eve, we make breakfast for dinner and watch Home Alone….followed by a quick stop at a bar to grab an adult beverage on the way to the midnight church service.  ~  Logan

My tradition is to torture my dogs by making them wear Santa hats.  ~ Michelle


Appliance Boy’s family celebrates Christmas by traversing the neighborhood in matching club blazers singing Neil Diamond songs instead of Christmas Carols…..”He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” always closes the night.  We also construct “mud men” in lieu of snow men in our front yard.  ~ blog contributor, Appliance Boy

When my sister and I were little, our favorite album was the soundtrack to A Christmas Together by John Denver & the Muppets.   That is the Christmas Special where Miss Piggy misinterprets Figgy Pudding for “Piggy Pudding”.  Before we could open any presents, we had to crank up the Hi-Fi and play that LP.  Because she is a bit more nostalgic than I am, my sister now has that on CD.  Her kids like the album as well…but, because of the Christmas excitement,  forgot to play it last year. I did not remind them, and probably won’t remind them to play it this year either.          ~  Doug

Every year my family sings the 12 days of Christmas together…..each person/couple, picks a number from a hat (each year they did something different such as ornaments depicting each of the 12 days, pictures of our family members holding  the different numbers, etc) and then we sing the song together as a family.  When your number comes up, it’s your turn to sing for everyone.  Of course, we all hoped to get 5 so we could show our musical talents with 5 GOLDEN RINGSSSSS!!!  We have been doing this my whole life and it has become something special to all of us after all of these years.   ~ Corinne

My favorite Christmas tradition is, I’ll call it “Being Santa”….every Christmas morning my grandparents would choose which kid would get the high privilege of “being Santa”.  We all hoped to be called, because it meant we got to rummage though the presents and pass them out to the person to whom they belonged.  Not such a thrilling job, looking back at it now as an adult, but it’s our tradition that will be carried on and holds a sweet memory for us all. ~Sarah


I grew up with the aluminum Christmas tree and color wheel….the tree would change from green to red, yellow and blue.  Dad brought it down to Florida from his auto shop in Ohio where it had spark plug ornaments as a window display (Mom made him remove those). When I got married I found out my wife’s dad had brought home the exact same tree from his gas station, and it was her childhood tree….I think he got to keep the spark plug ornaments on his tree.      ~Dean

Growing up, my family also had the silver aluminum tree w/the obligatory color wheel in the ‘fancy’ living room, and the traditional tree in the family room.  My favorite memories and traditions include getting to open one gift on Christmas eve, exchanging Christmas stockings, and lately…..making sweet memories with my parents who are both in their 80’s.  ~ Tina

Enjoy, and soak up all the love from family and friends and let it spill over beyond the Holiday season….

tina-wilsonBlog submission by Tina Wilson