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We Choose You

DeeperCommitmentAre your biscuits burning? Is your dishwasher leaking? Is your refrigerator running? (catch it!) What do you do when calamity strikes the smoldering heart of your home? You call us!! Why? Because we don’t just sell the world’s greatest appliances, we make sure they work, too!!!


I’ve always said that a sale starts once your appliance is installed. Sure, you come in; spend the time to pick out your dream kitchen with all latest, greatest bells, and whistles; lay out a substantial portion of your sock drawer cash expecting your stuff to work forever. After all, didn’t you just spend a small fortune towards your culinary dreams? I hate to break into your appliance dream and cast some shadows, but sometimes that manufacturer warranty comes up fast and furious and your beautiful (insert dream appliance word here________) goes kaput on you. The nerve!Tools

What do you do? Do you call an 800 number and wait on hold for someone you may or may not even understand or that understands you? Who are they sending into your home? How long will it take to get them to your house? Will they stand by their work? Oh my!!! Who has time to deal with this nonsense!?!?!

We do.


We don’t just take your money and run. We are here with a deeper commitment to you and your kitchen. You don’t call an 800 number. You call us. Any time. It’s the weekend, you say? HA! So what? We have on call emergency service technicians. And guess what? They are all seasoned like a well used cast iron pan…

Why would this tidbit be important for you? You’ll know why the first time something goes wrong with your appliance. You’ll get the full affect of “why” when we answer your desperate appliance repair call. Yes, you’ll know exactly why you choose Aggressive.

We choose you, too. Always.