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Induction vs Radiant Cooking

Smooth, sleek, easy to clean, electric cooking….let’s explore two options when electric cooking is your cooking preference.

Radiant cooking is similar to electric coil cooking. It heats the surface of the cooktop and is slower to respond. The cost is significantly less than induction. It is a great option if you want a great, smooth top look without a big price tag.

Induction cooking offers precision, speed, and safety. These features come at a premium as compared to radiant cooking. Induction works by using electromagnetic energy. Induction works in conjunction with your cookware to transfer heat magnetically. Cookware used must be made of a ferrous material to make the magic happen. It responds to control adjustments instantly. The instant on and off is similar to gas cooking and will boil water faster. The heat is created by the transference of magnetic energy so the top of the cooktop remains cool wherever a pot or pan isn’t being used. This is a great safety feature. It is incredibly energy efficient as it requires little power or fuel to function. While your existing pots and pans may not work with induction, a simple test can be done by placing a magnet at the bottom of your cookware. If it adheres, your cookware will work.

Induction is definitely the way to go for electric cooking due to its fast response, precision, energy efficiency, and safety features, not to mention having electromagnetic fields preparing food is a pretty awesome way to cook!