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Now You’re Cooking…With Steam!

When you think of steam power, does your mind race to a 19th century locomotive? Or did your first thought jump to the shirts and slacks waiting to be ironed? Well, we appliance geeks immediately think steam ovens (of course, we also recognize the appliance brands in the kitchen of every TV show and movie we watch).

If you’re unfamiliar with this technology, cooking with steam is not only super healthy, but surprisingly versatile. These appliances, such as the Wolf and Miele steam oven lines, are easy to use and easy to clean. In fact, there’s almost no clean up needed.

The staff at our store regularly heats up leftovers with steam ovens instead of microwaves. Now this may not seem worth mentioning, but these ovens don’t just heat leftovers-they rejuvenate them.

Let’s look at two of the brands we carry. First off, the Miele steam oven is a MasterChef product, which means you just select the type of food you are cooking and it will automatically select the right cooking mode for perfect results! This is known as a food-driven menu system. Miele’s stainless DG 4084 model goes for around $2,850.

Those who can their own food products will go bananas for this appliance, and the rest of us will discover an incredibly healthy way to cook entire meals. The Miele DG 4084 Classic 24” Steam oven may look small inside (everyone exclaims how small it seems), but it delivers big performance. Like most of Miele’s products, not only is it incredibly well engineered and designed, but it is good for 20 years plus.

Not to be outdone, Wolf’s offering is not just a steam oven, but also a convection cooker. This product is likely to be the “go to” cooking appliance for anyone that forks over the nearly $3,800 it costs to own one. In one of the initial presentations introducing this product, Wolf asked the question, “Is there anything this oven can’t cook?” The rest of that presentation then demonstrated the product’s seemingly limitless number of food preparation options, impressing everyone in attendance.

This product is packed with more cooking modes than most people would ever consider (14 in all). If it were not for the gourmet mode, also a food-driven menu system, it might be one of those products that gets demonstrated and then passed over by consumers for something less intimidating. But for those who want the best of all cooking worlds, not just steam, this offering from Wolf is the one for you.