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35 Years & 3 Bird Babies

KD2ndBornNature decided to celebrate our 35th Anniversary week by gifting us three baby hatchlings. We’ve been celebrating all week and it kicked off on June 8th, 2015 when the two of the three baby killdeer we’ve been watching were born in our front garden area. Two were born on the 8th. The last one hatched on the night of the 9th. We didn’t get a picture of the last one….they move fast once they hatch! What a nice surprise for us to start off our anniversary week!


We were concerned because when they were born they weren’t moving much. By the afternoon the two babies were running around the parking lot, with their parents freaking out every time someone came near them….and of course everyone came near. We were like the paparazzi snapping the best shots we could of the new babies, Aggressive  Appliances’ version of the royal babies. They are so tiny and camouflaged perfectly within the mulch. It is amazing how the dad and mom bird threw themselves on the ground faking being injured to keep anyone and everyone away from their newly hatched offspring. We have all watched and fallen in love with these little ones.KillDeerBabyParentThe first morning the two that hatched were following mom or dad around our little retention pond. You’d never know they were just born. The 3rd hatchling finally arrived Tuesday night after all the cameras had been put away. We sure were happy they chose our place to start their little family. What a special treat for all of us who got to watch them every day and those who have visited us throughout the past weeks and noticed them.


Such sweet, tiny, fragile creatures that despite storms, people walking by, and generally a tough environment…survived. It was a privileged treat for all who came by to watch nature in action.  We’ve heard they tend to nest in the same area. So we will be looking out for our adopted family in the coming years. We wish them well on their life journey.

We’re Having a Baby!

KilldeerEggWith Mother’s Day coming and going last Sunday, it was a touching coincidence that Monday started with our family business preparing to grow a little bigger. A killdeer was screeching at everyone that walked up our front pathway. Dan (in billing) thought the bird was injured, so we went out to investigate. After Eric thinking it was in the sandpiper family and Mike sharing that it was most likely a killdeer, it was confirmed that one of our resident killdeers laid a single egg. Daddy was nearby shrieking and swooped by anyone that came close. If anyone walked by, Momma was screaming her head off like a kettle whistle. Poor thing! But it was quite funny to watch!KilldeerMom

After doing some research on birdwatching.com and wikipedia here are some “seeds” of facts we found on these sweeties. Their little egg looks similar to a stone. It’s smooth and creamy colored with black speckles. Killdeers are known to fake being hurt to lure people away from their nests. They aren’t aggressive and tend to lay their eggs in places you wouldn’t think are safe, such as the side of a road, or a small ground area in a parking lot. They lay their eggs right on the ground without any nesting material. The dad will sit on the eggs at night, with mom taking over in the day. They take about 25 days to hatch. Our little adopted feathered baby may just take flight right before Father’s Day!

KilldeerDadThey’ve calmed down around us over the week. We will keep an eye on the nest until then (bunch of softies that we are). If you happen to stop by, don’t be alarmed by our little family out front. They will most likely welcome you into our showroom with their screaming and carrying on. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


UPDATE 5/15/15: We now have two eggs!! Stay tuned folks!!

UPDATE 5/16/15: And then there were 3…