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Vintage Freezer Contents?

BigChill3When was the last time you went searching for something in your freezer? What were your results?  Did you find the food item you were looking for? And how many bags of mystery did you lift out and back into your freezer compartment.  When you open the freezer door, does the same container fall to the floor, and you just try to push it back in? Does your freezer have a “vintage” feel….on the inside?Freezer1

It is time to clean out your freezer.

If it is a true mystery, with no label, and no way of identifying, please throw it out. It is just taking up valuable space.  I found 5 different empty storage bags and containers.

If you can identify the food item, plan your menu accordingly, and incorporate it into your next week’s dinner plan. Could it be turkey stock from last Thanksgiving?  Make a soup.  Frozen blueberries from spring 2015? Bake some muffins. Chicken breasts? Time to make chicken salad for the weekend sandwiches. Pork tenderloin? Cook it on the grill for Memorial Day.Freezer2

Better yet, list your entire inventory of food items in your freezer and plan your meals for the next thirty days. Empty that freezer! You will save money and clear up space for this season’s fresh fruit and vegetables.

After you have organized your freezer, set up rules. Double wrap or, better yet, use a vacuum food saver to prolong the life of the food in the freezer.  Avoid freezer burn and your food will not dry out.



I was inspired to clean out my freezer from a friend’s blog  that you can visit here.