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Finding the Right One

Baking iStock_000063681259_SmallThere are so many brands in the appliance industry. Each one carries it’s own set of bells and whistles, or not. When renovating, rebuilding, or just replacing one major appliance in your home, it is really important to be able to see what’s out there and get a true feel for what you want in the heart of your home.


Some brands offer lots of innovation, scroll screens, options, and have easy to navigate options. Some are more manually driven and the temperatures, settings, and oven modes are right up front. Are you looking for sleek and modern? Or do you lean more towards a control board that is reminiscent of gauges on a plane?


Are you feeling stainless or is color more your speed? Maybe a simple coil range fits the bill with its minimal features because simplicity is the goal.


The beauty of our showroom is the ability to walk around and really see the possibilities. We have so many appliances that are live and in use. We cook with them, clean with them, keep food fresh with them, and enjoy them! Our reps have first hand use and knowledge to share and can guide you through your selection based on your wants and needs. This is invaluable during the selection process. I have been here when clients have brought in their own chicken breasts to test several ovens with the goal of finding the right one. Some have found that their original plan for one brand lead them a different way once they saw all that was available in brands they hadn’t seen before.

With an appliance playground right in your backyard, stop in and see us! Orlando is full of theme parks, be sure to stop in and visit ours!


Photo Credit to Tina Wilson