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Grill Season doesn’t mean you need to get your hunting license renewed.


Full disclosure, I’m not a native of Florida; but I’m close.  My family moved from East Tennessee when I was only four years old.  As someone who considers myself a Floridian, I find it odd when 10162 OUTDOORKIT_MABpeople complain about missing the change of seasons.  We have a change of seasons here.  We go from beautiful to miserably hot and humid and back to beautiful.  We skip the unbearably cold and constantly gray season.  What is confusing to me is that if a northern transplant misses that so much, why don’t they move back?


Some of our appliance manufacturers don’t quite understand our Florida seasons.  This time of year they start to get us ready for “Grill Season”.  Our grill season started when the first natives migrated south and will end at the apocalypse.  Since we never have to shovel a path in the snow to get to our grills, we do not have to call an end to grill season.  If we ever slow down our outdoor grilling, it is because of how hot and humid it is outside.  We offer some of the world’s most awesome outdoor grills, but if you want to accomplish the same type of cooking inside, we have products for your kitchen, too._DSC3133Edit

Wolf has an infrared grill option on their pro-style ranges and rangetops.  We have long considered the outdoor grills with infrared sear zones as the ultimate cooking machines.  Their indoor grill zone is not as big as the Wolf outdoor grills, but the performance is absolutely as good.  Viking, DCS, GE Monogram and several other manufacturers have grill options with traditional gas tube burners on their ranges and rangetops.  Expect performance on those to be similar to the traditional burners on outdoor grills.  Thermador has just introduced a high output electric grill option on their ranges and rangetops that is super easy to clean.  If you don’t have the space for a pro-style range, we have in counter grills from GE outdoor_grill_banner_02Wolf, Miele, Gaggenau, and BlueStar.  With any of these great indoor grill options available you never have to let weather (northern winter or Florida summer) ruin your grill outs, just make Wolf Grillthem grill ins.  No, you can’t effectively barbeque on an indoor grill and, yes, there is a big difference in grilling and barbequing.  Never invite an East Tennessean to a barbeque and serve burgers and dogs.  We love that kind of food, but it is grilled, not barbequed.  We can get into those differences in a future blog.