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La Cornue



Aggressive Appliances displays many of the world’s most elite appliances. Within our showroom walls clients often learn about new appliance innovations or see something they didn’t know existed. One such prestigious brand we have on display here in our showroom is La Cornue.

Who are they? What is it? What can they bring to us within our own home kitchens?


If you can, try to picture Paris in 1908. Gas lighting illuminates the streets. Then imagine a food connoisseur and craftsman, passionate about technology. His focus….how to capture gas indoors for delicious French cooking. It was in this environment Albert Dupuy conceptualized and created his first gas powered oven.

While it was common to use a vaulted ceiling within hearth cooking, Dupuy took this idea and designed a vaulted ceiling oven powered by gas. The curvature of the oven shape allowed heat to flow in circular rotations, dropping and falling within the oven, creating a natural convection with exceptional baking and roasting results.

LCrangesAs the line matured, so did their offerings. Their cooktop configurations feature such choices as French plaques, gas lava-rock grills, power burners, electric plates, and gas burners. The features of why this line is a stand out product are best answered here in their FAQ section. The artistry of the line is really beautiful. You have to really see the care put into the design of their ovens. The attention to detail in every facet of these works of culinary art is at a level not seen before.

With options ranging to over $48700, physically seeing the line demonstrates why they are able to command this price level. They have options beginning at $6800 allowing every chef the opportunity to experience La Cornue’s fine culinary attention to workmanship and design. If your curiosity is piqued you can learn more about this fine line by clicking here or better yet, visit our Orlando showroom for a personal tour of our display.front-gallery-18-900x375