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Ice, Ice, Baby

ScotsmanIce3A client of ours, Wally David, walked in and was looking for a “soft ice” maker. While I was unfamiliar with the term “soft ice”, I showed him three under-counter models. As it turns out “soft ice” is what I know as “nugget” ice, which is also known as “cubelet” ice, and “Sonic” ice (because Sonic uses it). We both took a few nuggets out to taste/crunch test. This immediately brought me back to winter in Jersey. It was just like eating freshly fallen snow, only bigger and more substantial! Perfection! While there is a variety of cube choices and ice makers, after our little tour I am now biased and have decided to focus this blog on my new favorite ice……nugget ice.  After picking in-house sales consultant Dean Snyder’s brain here are some pros and cons to nugget ice.ScotsmanIce5

First the pros. It is chewable. So while ice chewing isn’t ideal by dental standards, this ice is easy on the teeth. The reason it is easier on the teeth is because it truly is “softer”. Nugget machine ice is formed by an ice shaving process so it is less dense than clear ice machine production that is layered with water. It’s not frozen solid as non-nugget machines. This type of cube will take on the flavor of the drink it is in because of its “softness”. It holds the drink. So after you’ve gulped down your beverage, you’ll have a tasty treat to crunch and munch on! This type of ice never gets stale because it is made and melts quickly.


Now the cons. It is not a clear ice machine and therefore it does not rid itself of impurities in the water. This is why it is a good idea to have filtered water hooked up to the unit. It also melts quickly. This could actually be a pro if you want a slightly diluted drink. Also, a unit that makes nugget ice could be as much as twice the price of other ice makers.

If you are interested in taste testing our cubes and machines, stop in to our showroom with your favorite beverage to test out our cubes and choose your favorite!