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Science Experiments, Vacuums, and Vinegar

FD-EL23BC90KS-OEH2.tif; FD-EW23BC85KS-OLH_131_L01.psd, cool zoneAfter Doug’s blog last week I was inspired to check out the daily holidays and found that “National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day” is just around the corner! November 15th, conveniently falls on a Sunday. This is the day to go to town tidying up fresh food preservers everywhere! Come on fellow humans! Join me in the clean party! (I sure know how to have a good time). RefDirtyWarning….each refrigerator comes with its own list of instructions on how to clean the interior and exterior. I would highly recommend reading it before you take any of my advice.

Start by removing all the science experiments, tossing anything unrecognizable, and ridding the fridge of anything that has a less than aromatic, enticing scent. Wiping down shelves and interior walls, washing drawers, and wiping down the exterior handles and surfaces, are all part of the clean transformation from “ick” to “Niiiiice!”. My personal favorite is to use a vinegar-water solution in a spray bottle and good old warm soap and water. Sure your refrigerator may smell like a soapy salad….but after a little while…the clean and freshness will come through!


If your refrigerator has a coil it’s recommended it get vacuumed. Every 6 months to a year is a good start, but let’s face it, most people don’t do that. Why not start? It will help the efficiency of your appliance and increase its life expectancy while simultaneously reducing your yuck factor instantly!

Having a clean refrigerator really is a feel-good feeling. It’s an easy and quick way to achieve a quick sense of accomplishment. Another way is to toss it and come buy a new one here!

Happy Holiday!