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Catch the Wave


This is Aggressive Appliances related only to the extent that we have in-house Surfers.

Moving back to Florida has sparked in me a new zest for life. Surfing is at the top of my short list of new stuff to try. Fortunately, along with a hearty supply of knowledgeable appliance gurus, there are quite a few experienced surfers at Aggressive Appliances. One appliance-selling surfer has graciously offered to teach me how to surf (which might also be read as willing to watch me make a complete fool of myself….maybe?). I’m secure in my silliness, so game on!

JeffI’ve always loved balance and the ocean. The idea of being alone with the water, my thoughts, connecting in a solitary, profound way with nature, appeals a great deal to me. I’ve been warned about board burn and to have patience waiting for a good wave. We’ve discussed the worst things that could happen. I could knock myself unconscious with the board…..or….I could love it so much I’ll become an addict. Just in case I knock myself out I’ll have my medical insurance card on me. And what about sharks, guys?!?

Fast forward a couple of weeks…

I was caught up in watching others surf, playing in the waves sans board, and never did find my friend in the sea of people. I also lost a bit of my bravery watching the young kids on their boards. Maybe I’m just meant to watch and swim? Maybe shark bait isn’t my idea of a chance I want to take for right now. There’s no shame in that….But. Just in case. There is plenty of sunshine left as well as beach-worthy days if I should change my mind…