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The Quietest In Class Has Arrived

The new 2013 Bosch dishwashers have arrived and while Bosch has always been on the leaderboard in the highly competitive industry of dishwashers, they have officially broken away from the pack. With everyone making so much noise about the quietest dishwasher, it seems that the Bosch engineers have triumphed once again.

Their latest quiet number is 39dBA. Since Bosch held the previous low of 42dBA, they are resoundingly the quietest brand around. Here’s the proper context to understand the decibel (dBA) number: An increase of 3 dBA is the equivalent of two dishwashers running at once; that means they’ve cut the noise in half! You can explore the “science of quiet” over at Bosch’s website and compare their dishwasher to other familiar sounds at varying decibels. The Bosch Dishwasherdishwasher is now so quiet that the only way some know the machine is running is by the presence of their InfoLight shining onto the floor; as can be seen here in Bosch’s commercial highlighting this un-heard of level of quiet. The ad goes on to feature brush-less motors and multi layers of sound absorbing insulation. The new design elements work together to make this the quietest dishwasher around, so there’s no more waiting until the dishwasher is finished to gather around and start a family movie night!

In regards to load ability, the upper models are fantastic, with lower priced models less impressive. The innovative 3rd rack is now available in more models and at lower price points than ever before (beginning at $899). You’ll get up to 30% more loading area on models with this 3rd rack design. With water usage still down in the 2.4-3.3 gallon range and 4 different design configurations, this new line of dishwashers will resonate with consumers in a big way. Schedule an in-store demonstration today to see for yourself!