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Always Be True To You


TrueVintage1It occurred to me on my latest appliance adventure to Missouri that garages have made a major impact on American history. From music, to computers, to appliances…..they have been an integral part in making magic happen in many industries. After hearing that Bob Trulaske, his father, and his brother went to work on the first roll-top-soda-pop-storing refrigerator in a garage, it made me giggle a little because well….another American garage invention success story.TrueVintage2

So who was Bob Trulaske? He is the founder of True Manufacturing, the world’s leading commercial refrigeration supplier. Founded and made in St. Louis, Missouri, 75% of the raw materials used are sourced from the USA. It’s not a shock that Bob also served in the military and was a World War II Veteran.


While sitting in their local pop shop, Bob and his brother came up with the idea for a refrigerator that wouldn’t need an expensive block of ice. They promised the owner that when they made their first refrigerator it would be his. So in their garage they built the first commercial soda refrigerator. This roll-top caught the attention of 7-Up and Coca-Cola. These companies wanted these refrigerators and True was more than happy to oblige!


Later in the 70s they took a shot at more than just beverage coolers and ventured into the food service industry. People thought they were nuts. What did they know about the food service industry? Considering that the company is in the majority of today’s restaurants, we can see that naysayer hadn’t a clue as to the true capability of True‘s ability to figure it out AND be the best.


Fast forward to 2008 when True decided to take another chance in yet another division they knew nothing about…..the residential market. Again, they were told they were nuts. What did they know about the residential market? Yup. Imagine that? With that in mind I could picture them laughing as they brought to market an uncomparable product line chock full of pieces like a 42″ and 48″ built-in refrigerator with true commercial qualities, under-counter refrigeration, wine preservation, beer dispenser, and an ice machine.


True offers decades of commercial quality brought to market in their residential line. Features such as stainless interior, serious compressed insulation, a 3 year warranty, and all under-counter products being indoor AND outdoor rated, are just some of the perks to their residential line. It can’t all be commercial though….so they add wonderful features such as colorful, choice lighting and stainless steel buttons, backed by hundreds of thousands square footage of manufacturing capabilities.


We have these exceptional pieces on display. Stop in so I can infuse you with the same excitement I experienced walking the historical factory that has had a huge, true impact on appliances throughout the world. Truly TrueTrue to and for You.


“Avengers Assemble!”

Marvel_LogoMention Marvel and super heroes, comic books, and refrigeration may come to mind, at least for me they do. With the new Avengers movie out I can’t help but imagine combining “Marvels” and hosting my own “Marvel” outdoor theme party. Take a walk into my daydream of streaming movies on Netflix and having not one, but TWO types of beer on tap in a Marvel twin tap outdoor beer dispenser. The Marvel dispensing a stream of beer while Netflix streams Marvel movies, theme complete! To be fair, they aren’t pronounced the same. But work with me here….I’m going for effect!AGA_Outside-Cover_Final-1024x768

Marvel (as in AGA-Marvel) has a dual tap beer dispenser that (like a superhero) can transform from a beer tap into a refrigerator and back again! There are “stow-on-board” shelves that convert it seamlessly into a refrigerator. The unit can be built-in or portable. So if you need to move it closer to you but are too relaxed to move, a little push in your direction will take care of your need easily and effortlessly. Or, just lounge by the bar if you prefer it be built-in. It is the only 24″ wide model currently available that can store a 1/2 keg. The temperature can be controlled between 34° and 46° F using Marvel Prime™ technology. Decide the temp and it keeps it there. Dynamic Cooling Technology™ brings the temp down quickly when loading up the unit while also keeping the inside at the temp you select, precisely and accurately.Marvel1 Forgot to close the door? An alarm will sound if/when the unit drops/rises to above/below the set temp or if the door is left open. With a close door assist and insulated cabinet, you’ll be sure that your contents are protected from excessive vibration AND outside elements. The door is made of corrosion resistant stainless to withstand the outdoors as well. And while there is little assembly required…..the only thing left to do is “assemble” YOUR team.

We have this marvelous Marvel on display at our showroom so you can physically see all these features for yourself. And even though I don’t own one, I will. One day…