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Smoked Turkey Gumbo

SoupBaby it’s cold OUTSIDE……and what a perfect time to indulge in some comfort foods like soups and stews. In November we held a soup and chili cook-off. The winning submission was made by Doug White. Below is his winning recipe and well worth the effort it took to make it.

Smoked Turkey Gumbo

½ of a 14 pound Smoked Turkey and the stock from that.

All purpose flour

Vegetable oil


1 Onion cut into small chunks

5 Garlic cloves chopped fine

1 Green pepper cut into small chunks

6 Stalks of celery cut into bite size pieces

12 – 16 oz Smoked Andouille sausage cut into bite size pieces

Paul Prudhomme’s Cajun Magic Poulty Magic, about 2 tablespoons

Paul Prudhomme’s Cajun Magic Vegetable Magic, about 2 tablespoons

Salt and pepper to taste

1 Pound okra cut into bite size pieces

3-4 Green onions chopped fine

Part of the fun of making this Gumbo was smoking the turkey on the Big Green Egg the weekend before.  You will only need some of the turkey for the gumbo, so you can use the rest for turkey dinner.  If you prefer, you could also use a whole smoked chicken.  After smoking the turkey, carve the meat off the bones and boil the bones with a little salt to make a stock.  Strain the stock.  If you do not use it all for the gumbo, you can freeze some to make soup or chili later.  The smoked stock was key to the deep flavor of this gumbo.

Heat about 2 quarts of the stock in a large stock pot.  Cook the onions and garlic in a skillet with a little butter and about 1/3 of the Vegetable Magic until slightly brown and just starting to get tender.  Set them aside and add a little more butter and cook the green pepper pieces with more Vegetable Magic.  Put that aside and cook the celery the same way with the remaining Vegetable Magic.  Set the celery aside with the other vegetables, they will be mixed in shortly.  Cut the turkey into bite size cubes.  Mix about ½ cup of flour with a couple tablespoons of Poultry Magic and coat the turkey pieces in the flour.  Heat about 1/2” of oil in the same skillet and pan fry the turkey pieces.  When they are golden brown, set them aside.  Scrape the pan bottom with a metal whisk to loosen any stuck bits, then add enough oil to equal about a half cup in the pan.  Gradually whisk about ½ cup of flour into the oil over medium-high heat to form a roux.  Be sure to use any remaining seasoned flour.  Whisk constantly while cooking until roux is dark reddish brown, 3 to 5 minutes usually.  DO NOT burn the roux.  Remove the roux from the heat and stir in the vegetables.  Stir them to completely coat with the roux then return to low heat and cook for about 5 minutes.  Add the vegetables to the stock.  Sear the Andouille in the skillet until browned then add that and the turkey to the stock.  Do not waste the last bit of fond in the skillet.  Deglaze the skillet with a little water and add that to the stock.  Bring the stock to a low boil and cook for about 15 minutes.  Add the okra and return to a boil.  You can add water to thin the gumbo if it is too thick (if there is such a thing).  Taste the gumbo and add salt, pepper or more Cajun Magic if needed.  Reduce the stock to a simmer and cook for an hour or two.  Stir in the green onions about 5 minutes before serving.  Serve over rice.

Recipe by Doug White Doug