Heavenly Pork Loin + Football = Smoking Sunday

PeppersPlayoffs had everyone sitting around the TV this past weekend. If you are wondering what the sonic boom was, that was my mom screaming because the Broncos won. (Hi Mom!) Since food is part of screaming at the TV while watching football in my house,  I picked up a pork loin and attempted to try a recipe verbally given to me by one of our phenomenal guest chefs, Maria Rivera. Pictured here is one of Maria’s creations…


Here’s Maria…

MariaWhen I use the word phenomenal I mean her food brings me to joyous tears. I’m serious. Holy WOW. The kicker is Maria offers cooking classes to teach people just like me how to cook simply, yet decadently, in the comfort of their own homes with ingredients you can buy at local supermarkets. Here’s the link to Maria’s Cooking Classes

Below is the simple recipe (as told to me by Maria) that had my guests happily moaning and grabbing seconds…


I do have a confession….I couldn’t sear it for 4 minutes on each side because I cook on a basic coil range with a recirculating 30″ hood that I’m still trying to adjust my cooking techniques around. Not only did I make a delicious pork loin, I created a ton of smoke and a lot of laughter as the smoke billowed out of all the doors in my apartment. It was heavenly in my house for about 10 minutes. Totally worth it. I baked my pork a little longer than 12 minutes to make up for the lack of searing time. I managed one picture of my leftovers I brought in for lunch because on the actual day we ate it we into a food coma before I thought of doing the pork paparazzi thing. Here it is paired with my yellow rice…..


You may think….there is no way just slathered pork could be that tasty. Just try it yourself for the proof. It was SOOOOO good. And easy. And SMOKING! Super Yum!! Thank you, Maria!!!

2 thoughts on “Heavenly Pork Loin + Football = Smoking Sunday

  1. Maria Rivera

    Thanks for the shout out, Chrissy! I’m so glad your pork was such a hit! I’ve smoked people out of my house a few times, with my searing! Haha

    1. Chrissy Varela Post author

      You’re welcome! It’s the least I can do after figuring out how to cook a pork loin in such a way that all we could do was just drool all over it!!!!

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