Happy Saint Patrick’s Day !


St. Patrick’s Day occurs annually on March 17 in observance of the death of St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland. What began as a religious feast day in the 17th century has evolved into a multitude of festivals across the globe celebrating Irish culture with parades, a variety of special foods, music, dancing, and a whole lot of green.

The team at Aggressive started celebrating a day early on Thursday with an amazing Irish inspired feast for lunch.   Cheryl Jaskot prepared a menu that included Corned Beef w/Potato Rolls,  Cabbage/Vegetable Soup, Guinness Cheese Spread, Irish Pub Salad and Car Bomb Cupcakes.


Cheryl cooked the Corned Beef with the seasoning packet included, coated it with approx. 1/3 c mustard and 1/2 c brown sugar, and braised them with a bottle of Guinness beer.  She baked them at 300 degrees for about 4 hrs, on Convection bake in our Jenn-Air and GE Monogram multi rack ovens.

The Car Bomb Cupcakes are everyone’s favorite…..how can you go wrong with dark chocolate cake w/Guinness, Irish Whiskey in the ganache filling, and Bailey’s Irish Cream in the frosting.   Click here for this recipe if you want to make them for yourself.

Another yummy recipe you may want to try is the Triple Threat Guinness-Cheese Spread….click here for the recipe.  We served it with chips, but it would be great with fresh veggies….we also used white KerryGold cheddar cheese.


We hope you get to enjoy some Irish food or at least try some of the
recipes we have shared, you won’t be disappointed.

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We have a New Kitchen

Change is good, it’s a sign of progress and keeps things interesting.  Our showroom is ever changing, appliances are always being updated and vendors love for us to display their latest and greatest products.

Our most recent change is our new Thermador kitchen, the folks at Thermador called on Jack Busby with Busby Cabinets to collaborate on designing a fresh new look for this kitchen.  Jack and his team came up with an efficient design incorporating an impressive display showcasing over 25 appliances.

We took out the existing cabinets and appliances, and put in a new floor….

…and in just a short time a beautiful new kitchen emerged….

You really need to stop by the showroom to see this kitchen for yourself, and see these appliances up close and personal.

 In the meantime, here are a few highlights to consider….

The Thermador 60″ range is pretty new and is one of the only ranges whose oven will hold full size baking/catering sheet pans. If you buy one of these ranges before the end of the year, you get 2 free dishwashers.

0f6658b0-1381-4f8a-b5dc-db00a88b2313  Thermador’s great new coffee machine is stacked over their double drawer refrigerator in our new kitchen.  This combo makes a nearly perfect drink station.  You have a cold spot for your milk or creamers, as well as your other favorite cold drinks.  If you prefer a hot drink, your coffee machine is right there to make an espresso, cappuccino, latte, Americano, tea, or cocoa.

fe303aa1-0d02-4dc5-8ff3-a93b49effe31 Thermador also has a One-Two-Free promotion…buy a cooktop and oven (or range) to get a free dishwasher, add a built-in refrigerator and Thermador throws in a free exhaust hood (or microdrawer or extra dishwasher).

 Please take the chance to stop in and see our new kitchen, our sales associates are ready to take you for a tour and get you up to date on the latest and greatest in the Thermador line of appliances.

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Blog  submission by Tina Wilson with help from Doug White/Dean Snyder


What’s up with that Name?

Just this week a customer commented on the name, Aggressive Appliances….he said he walked in expecting an “aggressive” sales person to attack, but was pleasantly surprised when he was treated in a non-aggressive manner, and so appreciated the attention to detail and a relaxing shopping experience.  We thought we would share a bit about our name and the owners that are behind it…………

When Jerry Jaskot, a PE teacher and coach, decided to go into business in 1980 he believed being aggressive to be a positive attribute, plus it would get them first in the phonebook (remember those things?). Over the years there have been no shortage of smiles, smirks, and puzzled looks; but you must admit the name kind of sticks.

 Jaskot’s only frame of reference in the world of business was as a customer. Over time, he realized he also needed to make a profit (that occurred coincidentally when he ran out of money, lol) in order to stay in business. This led to the development of Jerry’s business philosophy which is about building value for not only customers, team members, suppliers, and the community, and then trusting that profit would be a result of rather than seeking profit above all.

 Our purpose is to help people purchase and fully enjoy their appliances to their full extent. Our team shares this commitment and we believe the profit will come as a result of doing business with this purpose in mind. Our customer base continues to grow and we are so pleased to say that at least 85% of our new customers are referred to us by loyal customers. We’re humbled by this kind of trust and it solidifies our resolve to be a business with a conscience.

 Jerry and Cheryl continue to proudly lead Aggressive Appliances with their unique expertise, and most importantly their passionate commitment to service. Their son, Jeff, shares this passionate commitment and has been involved in the company’s leadership since 2009 when he completed his military service.


Jerry and Cheryl Jaskot


Jeff and Maya Jaskot

Visit our showroom and see how we strive to provide you with a better shopping experience.
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Blog submission by Tina Wilson


What…..a Free Coffee Machine !?!

Okay…….you have to stretch the math to call it a free coffee machine, but if you go to  “FourBucks” once a day for about  a year and a half, you will spend as much money as it costs to get our best deal on a built-in coffee machine.

In recent years, coffee systems were introduced by Wolf and Jenn-Air, while Miele’s coffee machines got even more advanced.  The BSH Corp. (Bosch, Thermador & Gaggenau) coffee machines seemed old fashioned by comparison.  On the sureface,the new all electronic coffee machines appear to significantly outclass the older BSH units, but the reality was that we loved the simplicity and reliability of the classic machines.  You change cup size or strength with knobs, so you never had to work through any computer menus.  Frothing milk was a little bit more manual than the fancy carafe based systems, but the milk was always outside the machine on a dishwasher asafe wand and there was no required milk cleaning function with specific chemicals to purchase.  The  price was a little better, too. Well, new Bosch and Thermador coffee systems are here now and they are suitably awesome.  We will have the new Gaggenau machine soon.   To make room for the new products, BSH Corp. made us a deal on some of the remaining Gaggenau coffee machines.  The Gaggenau CM210710 sold for $2949 until just a few weeks ago, but we have several in inventory for $1999.  In a market where the competitive brands cost as much as $3699, that is a fantastic value.

If you are interested in a built-in coffee machine that makes coffee as good an any machine available today, is  easier to learn and maintain than any other machine, and costs less….come see us soon.  When these are gone, you will have to buy one of the more complex and expensive machines: yes, it will have cooler features, but it won’t make better coffee.  You will love any of our available coffee systems, but why spend more and stretch your learning curve.

By the way, do not forget to make room in the cabinets for Gaggenau’s matching cup warmer. There are few things in life worse than putting hot coffee in a cold cup.

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Blog submission by our own Appliance Geek..Doug White

Why yes, I would love a cup of coffee….



We sell an amazing diverse selection of appliances…every size, price range and brand….but, there is an appliance that is visited daily, hourly, and often has several of us singing its praises, it is the Coffee Machine.
When a customer walks in our doors they are greeted with…….would you like a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, cappuccino, latte or even an espresso ?   No, you are not at Starbucks, and we will not incorrectly write your name on a paper cup and ask for a debit card or $20…we just love to show off the brewing capabilities of our ‘live’ coffee systems.
The newest machine to be installed, and the one we have been playing with, and critiquing is from Bosch, and it just looks cool….so sleek, and high appeal for techies with wifi capability using Home Connect.   It is very user friendly, and they made the dial selector a little too fun to play with, as you are able to spin the finger touch sensitive wheel around to choose the perfect drink, temperature, strength and size.
To fully appreciate these machines and discover which one you can’t live without, you really need to visit our showroom, test drive one for yourself…and enjoy.


While all these awesome coffee systems are mechanical dreams producing the perfect cup of happy….they are nothing without the correct coffee bean.   Rule number one is, you can’t use an oily bean….ever……it will clog up the system and result in a maintenance issue and maybe a service call (which, we can help with that too…don’t forget, we have an in-house service department). Beans need to be dry, and while taste is subjective, as freshly roasted as possible produces the best cup of coffee.
20161129_093245 20161129_164330

I recently was referred to Foxtail Coffee, newly opened in Winter Park…I stopped by, met the owners and fell in love with their space, their coffee beans… and they both couldn’t have been more friendly and willing to let me sample a cold brew as I walked out the door with 10 lbs of freshly roasted beans.   If you stop by their place you won’t be disappointed, we are proud to now be using Foxtail roasted coffee beans in our showroom.  FYI….their grand opening is this weekend.

If you are in the market for your own personal barista in the form of a coffee machine, stop by our showroom, have a cup of coffee and let one of our sales associates connect you to the perfect match for you.



Everything you ever wanted to know about Self-Cleaning ovens……

We’re on a mission from God and we won’t stop until the senseless stress of dead ovens is eradicated from the holiday season.  As we approach the holidays some of you out there might be thinking, “The in-laws are coming over and we can’t have a filthy oven when they arrive”.

So this is what your oven looks like after you forgot to clean it following your successful Thanksgiving turkey?

DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!!!!!!  NO ONE CARES BUT YOU, we promise.  Well, that might be a lie but it’s better than no oven at all, right???

Every year we have 5-10 customers that call us in the weeks leading up to Christmas with some very familiar refrains. “Help, I self-cleaned my _______________ (insert any brand here) oven and now I can’t open the door.”  Or the ever popular “Help, I self-cleaned my _______________ (insert any brand here) oven and now it is totally dead.” Or the dreaded, “Help, I self-cleaned my _______________ (insert any brand here) oven but I forgot to remove the foil from the bottom of it and it melted into the liner”.   Okay, I’ll stop.  You get the point.

Pyrolytic (super-hot) self-cleaning is amazing.  Just ask someone that has ever had to clean an oven that isn’t.  It usually involves some pretty aromatic chemicals and lots of elbow grease. Self-cleaning burns the grease and stains from your oven liner and literally turns them into ash.  It does so by achieving temperatures usually only found in workshops, kilns, and other heavy manufacturing processes.   The temperatures required to do this can be up to 900 degrees for several hours.  This degree of heat for a prolonged period can easily damage control boards, trip fuses, blow thermal limiters, and leave you up a culinary creek with a microwave for a paddle.  Having said that, DO NOT use oven cleaners in a self-cleaning oven; they can damage the interior surface.

While most modern ovens are designed to be self-cleaned, doing so is similar to drag racing the family truckster. You can do it, but it stresses your equipment and you shouldn’t do it on a daily basis – especially not before the family road trip.  Let’s think of the holidays as that family road trip for your oven.  “Mr. Griswold, hold off on the drag race until school gets back in session.”


Happy New Year !

Happy New Year


I hijacked a few of our employees to pose and help wish you all a Happy New Year….some were easier to convince than others (note Bo appearing in several photos).

There are many team players at Aggressive Appliances… including administrative, service  department, installation, sales, warehouse, marketing, delivery and all the others who are involved in making our company stand out from the competition.  It is our goal and a directive from our owners to go beyond what is required~ give the extra attention, create solid relationships and continue to build a strong family business.

We value the personal relationships we develop with our customers and we are always striving to literally bring something new and innovative to the table.  We have a new kitchen being completed in January (be sure to visit and see the improvements), and we are always anxious to display and share the latest and greatest appliances on the market.

We look forward to working with you in the new year and have appreciated your referrals and kind words.

Thank you and Happy New Year….cheers to a great 2017 !







Christmas day is almost here……the flurry of busyness, shopping, and holiday preparations have been happening all month and are winding down with the last few days of December.  Days have been filled with all types of holiday celebrations, and we asked  some of our staff to share a few memories and traditions they have enjoyed over the years…….enjoy.

 We love getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve and exchanging Christmas stockings.  ~  Cheryl

On Christmas Eve, we make breakfast for dinner and watch Home Alone….followed by a quick stop at a bar to grab an adult beverage on the way to the midnight church service.  ~  Logan

My tradition is to torture my dogs by making them wear Santa hats.  ~ Michelle


Appliance Boy’s family celebrates Christmas by traversing the neighborhood in matching club blazers singing Neil Diamond songs instead of Christmas Carols…..”He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” always closes the night.  We also construct “mud men” in lieu of snow men in our front yard.  ~ blog contributor, Appliance Boy

When my sister and I were little, our favorite album was the soundtrack to A Christmas Together by John Denver & the Muppets.   That is the Christmas Special where Miss Piggy misinterprets Figgy Pudding for “Piggy Pudding”.  Before we could open any presents, we had to crank up the Hi-Fi and play that LP.  Because she is a bit more nostalgic than I am, my sister now has that on CD.  Her kids like the album as well…but, because of the Christmas excitement,  forgot to play it last year. I did not remind them, and probably won’t remind them to play it this year either.          ~  Doug

Every year my family sings the 12 days of Christmas together…..each person/couple, picks a number from a hat (each year they did something different such as ornaments depicting each of the 12 days, pictures of our family members holding  the different numbers, etc) and then we sing the song together as a family.  When your number comes up, it’s your turn to sing for everyone.  Of course, we all hoped to get 5 so we could show our musical talents with 5 GOLDEN RINGSSSSS!!!  We have been doing this my whole life and it has become something special to all of us after all of these years.   ~ Corinne

My favorite Christmas tradition is, I’ll call it “Being Santa”….every Christmas morning my grandparents would choose which kid would get the high privilege of “being Santa”.  We all hoped to be called, because it meant we got to rummage though the presents and pass them out to the person to whom they belonged.  Not such a thrilling job, looking back at it now as an adult, but it’s our tradition that will be carried on and holds a sweet memory for us all. ~Sarah


I grew up with the aluminum Christmas tree and color wheel….the tree would change from green to red, yellow and blue.  Dad brought it down to Florida from his auto shop in Ohio where it had spark plug ornaments as a window display (Mom made him remove those). When I got married I found out my wife’s dad had brought home the exact same tree from his gas station, and it was her childhood tree….I think he got to keep the spark plug ornaments on his tree.      ~Dean

Growing up, my family also had the silver aluminum tree w/the obligatory color wheel in the ‘fancy’ living room, and the traditional tree in the family room.  My favorite memories and traditions include getting to open one gift on Christmas eve, exchanging Christmas stockings, and lately…..making sweet memories with my parents who are both in their 80’s.  ~ Tina

Enjoy, and soak up all the love from family and friends and let it spill over beyond the Holiday season….

tina-wilsonBlog submission by Tina Wilson

Who needs a recipe for the perfect Holiday appetizer ?

Do you need an idea for the perfect appetizer to serve over the holidays?  This recipe for Mini Brie Bites is delicious, pretty, and oh so easy to make….it has been a hit every time I have made it!  The brie bites are simple to assemble and the cranberry salsa will have everyone asking for the recipe.

The lovely Chef Maria Rivera made this at a cooking class and generously shared it with us.  We love having her in our showroom and her food is always amazing!

Mini Brie en Croute


16 mini brie (come in packs of 5 at Trader Joe’s)
1 sheet puff pastry
1 egg + 1 tbsp water

Preheat oven to 400º.

Dust puff pastry sheet with a little flour and roll out, slightly, to form a square. Cut into 16 squares. Place a brie wheel in the center of a pastry square. Pull up the four corners and join at the top and twist. (Since the brie wheels are in their rind, you do not need to seal the pastry around the cheese.)

Brush each parcel with egg wash, and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until golden brown. Serve alongside cranberry salsa (or your favorite jam or chutney).

These were baked in our Jenn-Air kitchen in the Dual-Fan Convection Wall Oven.

Cranberry Salsa

12 oz. fresh or frozen cranberries
2 tbsp. sugar
1-2 fresno or jalapeno peppers, seeded and coarsely chopped
1 medium shallot, coarsely chopped
2 tbsp. chopped fresh mint
Pinch of kosher salt
1/4 cup Cranberry Pear White Balsamic Vinegar (or 1.5 tbsp. honey or agave syrup or 2 tbsp. additional sugar)
1 tbsp orange zest, optional

Pulse cranberries, sugar, chile peppers, and shallot in a food processor to desired size. Transfer to medium bowl, and stir in all other ingredients. Taste for seasoning. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Serve at room temperature.


This cranberry salsa is delicious served over ricotta on toast, with cheese, or with pork, turkey, or chicken. It can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week.


FYI….I used a red balsamic vinegar(from the Ancient Olive) we had on hand and it worked perfectly.

Tuck this recipe away and pull it out when you are entertaining, or just buy the ingredients and make it for yourself….you won’t be disappointed.

The team at Aggressive hopes you are having a wonderful December!


Let’s Talk Turkey

It is almost time to turn a perfectly good turkey into a dried out, shoe leather entrée.  Or is it… Do you bake your bird at 325 until the popper pops?  If you do that and don’t stop what you are doing every twenty minutes to baste that baby you will have a dry and mealy turkey.  There are so many ways to make a perfect turkey that you shouldn’t suffer through another bad bird.

My personal favorite is a smoked turkey.  A few years ago I put my first turkey on the Big Green Egg.  I don’t personally cook many turkeys, but it was by far the best I have ever done.  This year, Aggressive Appliances added the Memphis Grill Line, we cooked our staff Thanksgiving lunch turkey on it just this week.



It doesn’t cook better than the Egg, but it will cook just as good and be a whole lot easier.  Just fill the Memphis with your favorite wood pellets, set a temperature and place the probe in the thick part of the thigh.  You are free to watch the parade on TV until the smart phone app buzzes to tell you your meat is ready.  With both the Big Green Egg and the Memphis Grill you can slow smoke or roast at a high temperature.

If you want to cook outside, but don’t want to smoke a turkey, deep fry it on a power burner.  Several of our grill brands make built-in burners with up to 65,000 btu’s.  A turkey on the grill rotisserie is also awesome.

Some people prefer to cook in the kitchen.  If your oven has a convection fan, DO NOT cook your poultry on standard bake.  Convection Bake mode or True Convection (some brands have different terms for the same thing) are good, but Convection Roast mode is best.  If your oven doesn’t have that mode, come see us and we can get you one that does.  Convection roast uses the bake, broil and convection elements plus the fan to sear and lock in the juices of any big piece of meat.  Use a temperature probe since that is a faster cook mode; you do not want to overcook your turkey.  Or maybe you like the idea of rotisserie cooking but don’t like the idea of outside cooking; check out some of our ovens with integrated rotisseries.  If you are cooking a smaller turkey, maybe 10 to 14 pounds, you can probably cook that in your combination steam oven.  What?  You don’t have one?  Well you should.  They will convection cook while adding steam.  You will get a browned and roasted piece of meat that could not be more tender and juicy.  Combi-steam ovens are the new hot thing and many brands now offer those.  If none of those are quick enough, several Speed Ovens have a turkey breast pre-programmed cook mode.  A speed oven will blend heat with microwaves.  Restaurants cook that way for many foods and you can too.

If all of that sounds like too much stress, pick up one of our ovens with pre-programmed cook modes.  Just tell the oven that you are cooking a turkey and it will pick the mode and cook until the probe tells it the right temperature has been reached.  You should enjoy the holidays with your family and friends, not fretting over the best mode to cook your meal.