Joys of Convection Cooking

Convection cooking isn’t a new concept, but many are intimidated by it because of having to convert cooking times from standard ovens to convection. Here’s an online calculator you can use. Jim Balano, one of our exceptional salesman, has three suggested uses for convection cooking.

  1. Baking Chocolate chip cookies. You could bake three sheets of cookies at the same time. The fan in the rear of the oven stops hot or cold spots so that all three sheets of cookies are baked evenly.Turkey2007
  2. Roasting a turkey. With convection roast, the bake element, the broil element and the convection element with the fan will provide the perfect combination to roast your turkey. On average you will save about three minutes per pound, which translate to an hour less cook time for your 20 pound turkey. This provides the opportunity to finish your turkey that will be moist and golden.
  3. Multiple Cooking Racks. With the fan pushing the heated air through the oven, you could bake multiple items at the same temperature at the same time. Imagine cooking fish, crescent diner rolls, and cookies in the same oven at the same time. The convection fan moves the heated air so quickly, that the rolls and the cookies will not acquire the taste of the fish. You will have different time settings, but to cook three different foods, it saves time and energy.

You are not forced to use convection.  If you have been cooking grandma’s recipe for 20 years, you will still have the option of using the bake without convection.  However you will quickly discover that you will bake with convection 80% to 90% of the time due to the speed and cooking results achieved while using convection modes for your oven recipes.

Content provided by Jim Balano Jim Balano

Cookie Pic Credit      Fish Pic Credit     Turkey Pic by C. Varela