Gaggenau….My Experience


Gaggenau. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. Gaggenau is a super premium brand of appliances that I was invited to experience in California this week.

Gaggenau is a 333 year old German company that has manufactured and engineered everything from bridges that still stand in Germany and bicycles, to what is now an elite palette of appliances that will make you re-think and re-imagine how you view your kitchen and cook in it. Everything you think you know, throw it out. Whether this makes you feel brave and excited, or intimidated and nervous ,we need to talk. Soon.


They have an entire family suite of kitchen pieces that perfectly complement each other and not just because they match. Every brand has its own unique look, feel, quality level, and functionality. Gaggenau’s sleek, sensual design with its glass over stainless is the answer to pairing professional, consistent, chef inspired results, with design elements that complement seamlessly with any style you can dream up. It’s style is classy and understated, beautiful with brains and brawn. 


Gaggenau is sleek, sexy, soft, and artistic on the outside…bold, impressive, professional, chef-grade results on the inside. It’s the perfect combo of looks and power. It’s gorgeous AND serious about cooking.


They make all of their products with the exception of their under-counter wine preservation system. Their philosophy? If you want it done right, engineer and make it yourself. And it works. The quality and attention to detail from the patented porcelain on the outside of their ovens (for stability), their seemingly endless accessories (that easily move from one product to another), their modular pieces (teppan yaki, in counter steam, in counter fryer, in counter wok induction, etc) can create a cooking experience like no other. Healthy, easy, tasty, creative, and easy clean up….all come together to create a mind altering cooking experience. You’ll never look at cooking the same way again.


They are the only brand that offers an induction wok cooking module. I’ve seen it in action using a Gaggenau wok (yet another optional accessory) and I am amazed. And since I’m back to accessories, one of my personal favorites is the Gastronorm roaster. It’s a non stick, cast aluminum pan with a lid that can be used in their wall ovens, steam ovens, and on their induction cooktops. You can sear right in it (in the base OR the lid), cook a whole recipe right in it, or bake a casserole (or whatever you can dream up), making it easy to do truly one pan cooking. Do it all right in one vessel!! They work hard to carry that mantra through their whole product line. 


They’ve created their product line based on advice from chefs because they feel at-home chefs should have the same advantages and consistent results achieved by professional chefs in professional kitchens. We spent two days cooking on these products and the results added significantly to our waistlines and delighted our taste buds! 


There is SO much we need to talk about and since we have a live Gaggenau kitchen in our showroom you must stop in so we can play and get creative in it. I’d love to pass on my new-found love and appreciation for an elite culinary experience and culture….Gaggenau. You’ll never look at cooking the same way again.