Constr 3

Construction is underway!!!! There is dust, noise, hot air, and adventure flying all through here!!! There’s palpable excitement in the air when things start coming down and change is on its way. The only thing that stays the same here at Aggressive is that you can always count on change.Constr 8We’ve set up a handy “DETOUR” sign trail to the bathroom since the usual way is closed off due to the re-construction. Constr 6The signs are a hoot and so are the signs Jerry’s created and posted on the glass windows in the back office for people to giggle at on their trek to the restrooms. Constr 5We’ve even found one of Tina Wilson’s wall murals for the former summer kitchen section hidden behind walls we took down!! Can you make out the plane? How cool is that?!?!?TinaTimeCapsule5

Aggressive is always changing, updating, and growing.  I’m really psyched about what the new changes will look like. Please stop in and see the “in progress”. There are so many “before” and “after” pictures throughout the years that we hope you get a chance to stop in and see a piece of the current action! It will most likely change again by next year, so don’t get too attached…

Constr 9