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Our Service Story


A  well written article by Steve the owner/CEO of Yale Appliance in Boston entitled “Why doesn’t every appliance brand and store offer service?” has inspired me to share our story as it pertains to service.
Click here to read Yale blog

Here’s our service story. I’ve got a short version of a long story. That’s still a long story, so I’ll do the abbreviated version of the short version.

In 1980, when we started, most appliance dealerships didn’t offer in-house service (most still don’t); our company, like every other appliance dealership would refer our customers to service companies when their appliances broke. Around 1983, we supplemented these referrals with techs we hired so that we could be more responsive. This went on for 2 decades and was a bit better than the dealers we were in competition with. After reading “Good to Great” by Jim Collins in 2002, everything changed. Being good was no longer the goal, we needed to set our sights on being great. High end appliance sales were increasing at that time and the service providers we referred to seemed to care less and less about the customer’s experience (they were being put through the wringer; Ok, I promise no more appliance puns). The time for half measures had passed and we needed to build a service department for our customers that would be great. I was soon to learn why appliance dealers no longer offered service. Everything about service would prove to be difficult. Folks who call in for service are understandably upset because their product is broken; our customer service agents taking these calls need to be empathetic, efficient, and able to juggle 5 balls with one hand. Hiring competent technicians would prove to be near impossible as Vo-Tech centers have quit teaching appliance repair (eventually we started our own tech apprenticeship program). I could go on and on about our difficulties, but this is the abbreviated version of the short version, really! Fast forward to 2009, my son Jeff joined Aggressive as the service manager and grew this department dramatically through the recession years; that in and of itself speaks volumes for Jeff and the dire need for great service in our industry. As of this writing we employ 9 service techs, 14 installation specialists, 5 CSRs, and 2 managers. We still believe that “good is the enemy of great”, and to that end we roll up our sleeves everyday (except Sunday) and are determined that nothing short of great is good enough for our customers.

Spring Cleaning Time is here…..

Spring has sprung…March 20th was the first day of Spring, bring on the pollen, allergies, sneezing, blooming flowers, and college students flocking to our state.   Spring is also the time we think we should traditionally clean and get a fresh start after our ‘harsh’ winter.
At Aggressive, we support spring cleaning of your appliances….as much as our Service Department loves to visit you and your appliances, we will offer some suggestions to keep your investments running smoothly.


I love the Dishwasher….the kitchen can be trashed, dirty dishes everywhere, and in minutes they are hidden away in the dishwasher and not seen until they are sparkly clean.   To keep your dishwasher as your best cleaning friend, try a few proactive maintenance moves so you can prevent dishpan hands.
–  Make sure the drain is clean, periodically check it and clean
out the food debris to keep it draining and running smoothly.
–  Place a cup filled with white vinegar on the top rack and run your dishwasher through a cycle on the hottest setting.
****  And remember, do NOT over-rinse your dishes the newer dishwashers need a certain amount of grease and grime in order to do their job.

 The Microwave
– Pour a cup of vinegar and a cup of water into a measuring cup
and place in your microwave, set timer for 5-10 minutes
on med-high setting and when time is up, carefully remove
container with an oven mitt.  Wipe down the interior with a wet
rag, steam from water and vinegar will loosen any spills or

**** Vinegar….is a recurring theme, it will be your best friend,
buy it by the gallon.

The Oven
Newer ovens have wonderful self-cleaning modes, use your
owner’s manual, go online and follow the directions…yes,
sometimes we need to look at the directions…it will save you
money and time.

Please refer to a past blog on Self-Cleaning Ovens, if you don’t
want to click and open it….then, just trust us when we say do
NOT use oven cleaners, they will most likely damage the
interior of your oven during self-cleaning mode.
If you have an oven with a self-cleaning option, use it, and that
task is done.

 The Refrigerator
– Clean behind and under…sweep, vacuum, whatever it takes to
get rid of pet hair, dust, and anything responsible for
blocking airflow or getting the coils dirty.
– A simple cleaning to do is just empty the fridge, throw out
expired items, wipe down the shelves, check water filter and
see if need replacing or order and have on hand.

 For any glass surfaces, use some rubbing alcohol….take a spray nozzle attachment, put on the bottle of alcohol and simply spray surfaces and wipe clean, this works best with a microfiber cloth….on Glass surfaces.
For Stainless surfaces we recommend an oil based cleaner.

 The internet is full of great spring cleaning ideas….simple is best.

Outdoor Kitchens
Aggressive has a tech assigned to just cleaning grills….it is a
tough dirty job, call our Service Department 407-295-4489 or fill
out a service request online and get all the details to set up an
appointment and check this scary job off your list.  It will be
done correctly and efficiently while you and your
outdoor kitchen area stay clean…letting us do this will also
promote great harmony between those living in the home, no
dirty, greasy, sooty, clothes or shoes tracking through the

 Happy Spring….use these simple ideas and reminders to clean and maintain your appliances, common sense is always best, and call our Service Department for any repairs or maintenance appointments, then enjoy your kitchen.

 *** If Spring involves looking for great savings, take a look at our
Clearance Page.

Follow Your Path

BlogKitchens-1There are times in my life when I moved too much and other times when I stayed put for long periods of time. Moving brings about all sorts of newness and if you happen to have moved into a new home, either new construction or old, appliances are sure to be a part of this exciting milestone.BlogKitchens-3

It’s so much fun to play on new appliances in a new place! Each appliance offers new ways of placing things, storing, cleaning, and cooking. Using them poses challenges, learning curves, and stretches your levels of creativity. These experiences add to the newness and novelty of a new home, whether or not it’s new or just “new” to you.BlogKitchens-4

We have many people come in when they are remodeling or building a new home to find their perfect kitchens. Since we have such a wide variety of brands and choices fitting into just about any budget, it makes kitchen buying fun! Live kitchens help seal the deal for many. Being able to touch, use, and see the products makes a very big difference in decision making.BlogKitchens-2

We back up our product with professional installations and deliveries. Being an in-house authorized service company for many major brands of appliances means you don’t have to call anyone but us for your appliance needs. Nothing is subcontracted out. Our own employees handle everything from sales, delivery, install, to service. One stop. For 36 years and counting.BlogKitchens-5You may be on a new journey, or not. But as you journey, if you need appliances along the way…we do hope your path leads you here.

Something to Talk About


FOOD_CROISSANT_COFFEE_TRG_72815Pull up a chair and grab a fresh baked croissant with your coffee. The time has come again to seriously consider a Subzero-Wolf-Asko package. As of July 1st through March 31, 2017, they are running a promotion that can include $1000 back and/or Wolf Gourmet product options.


Many consumers wonder if the cost of a premium appliance package is worth it. They also wonder if they can afford such luxuries. I’m here to tell you it’s possible and worth it. Investing extra money now will give you a fabulous chef’s kitchen that will last you for many years.


Refrigeration that lasts, cooking products that stand up to the toughest and gentlest recipes, cleaning products that take on anything you can whip up on their fine products, this is what you can have with a Subzero-Wolf-Asko kitchen. But they don’t stop there….how about a coffee system and microwave options (built-in, drop down doors, micro-drawers). Under-counter refrigeration and freezers offer you drawer options or door options. Wine storage in beautiful columns, or placed under your counter. Ice machines and outdoor products, the list goes on and on. You like modern and sleek? Professional and robust? Hidden behind decadent cabinetry? If you can dream it, the Subzero-Wolf-Asko line can bring it to life. This is a manufacturer that doesn’t quit and neither do their products.


One of their best kept secrets is how they treat their customers. You are premium. You are cared for. Their customer service is top notch and, to us, one of the best in the industry. They invest in you as you have invested in their products.


This is not a product line can be summed up in a small blog. A tour through our expanded Living Kitchen and details in person about their promotion are very much worth a trip to our showroom. Finish your coffee and croissant, and stop in. It’s time to wake up and realize this kitchen dream is within reach. We will show you how…

We Choose You

DeeperCommitmentAre your biscuits burning? Is your dishwasher leaking? Is your refrigerator running? (catch it!) What do you do when calamity strikes the smoldering heart of your home? You call us!! Why? Because we don’t just sell the world’s greatest appliances, we make sure they work, too!!!


I’ve always said that a sale starts once your appliance is installed. Sure, you come in; spend the time to pick out your dream kitchen with all latest, greatest bells, and whistles; lay out a substantial portion of your sock drawer cash expecting your stuff to work forever. After all, didn’t you just spend a small fortune towards your culinary dreams? I hate to break into your appliance dream and cast some shadows, but sometimes that manufacturer warranty comes up fast and furious and your beautiful (insert dream appliance word here________) goes kaput on you. The nerve!Tools

What do you do? Do you call an 800 number and wait on hold for someone you may or may not even understand or that understands you? Who are they sending into your home? How long will it take to get them to your house? Will they stand by their work? Oh my!!! Who has time to deal with this nonsense!?!?!

We do.


We don’t just take your money and run. We are here with a deeper commitment to you and your kitchen. You don’t call an 800 number. You call us. Any time. It’s the weekend, you say? HA! So what? We have on call emergency service technicians. And guess what? They are all seasoned like a well used cast iron pan…

Why would this tidbit be important for you? You’ll know why the first time something goes wrong with your appliance. You’ll get the full affect of “why” when we answer your desperate appliance repair call. Yes, you’ll know exactly why you choose Aggressive.

We choose you, too. Always.