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I think I want my Freezer to be a Fridge today

Have you ever needed a little extra Fridge space, do you wish you could find a Refrigerator was available at a lower price point and could suffice as your main Fridge, or be an awesome ” extra unit ?

 Samsung has a Top Freezer Refrigerator with some cool features that
are more than worth highlighting.

Some fun facts about this unit :
– can function as an 18 or 21 cu ft refrigerator
– top freezer can function as freezer or refrigerator
– top and bottom run independent of each other
– is a double evaporator unit / no odor transfer / no humidity

Dual cooling prevents spoiling and freezer burn for fresher,
better-tasting food.

– top and bottom can be turned off to use only one area
– door is reversible
– slide and reach pantry drawer

 Slide and Reach pantry drawer

– adjustable shelves go from standard to slide-in or flip-up to store
bottles and other tall items
– advantage of saving electricity by running only one area when needed


Check out the Spec Sheet for all the pertinent details, and come by the Showroom to see all our refrigerators up close and personal.