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Live Beautifully – Breathe Easier!

CatturaCompleteCaptureSmoke, steam, grease, heat, odors…..all things you don’t want in your kitchen. And while we all know we need ventilation to remove these special effects during our cooking adventures, we don’t always like the options available to do the dirty work. Here’s an option you will now have that you may not have considered.


Best has come out with their Cattura downdraft ventilation unit that is available in  30″, 36″, and 48″. Why would this be important to anyone? If you have a view you don’t want to obstruct or an island you don’t want a hood hanging down from….keep reading.


This powerful ventilation is incredibly versatile! You can put it behind any gas or electric cooktop, a drop-in gas range-top, a free standing or slide-in range, OR with a built-in oven over a cooktop. Best has managed to do this by provided 9 different venting options up, down, and sideways! Rear and recirculating options too!


There were not many options for downdrafts until this piece. Many manufacturers wouldn’t recommend their downdraft with anything but their own brand of cooking products and/or they were limited by the types of cooking products they could pair up with in the line-up. The Best Cattura will match up with any indoor cooking product that is 30″, 36″, or 48″.


The stainless steel mesh filters and heat deflectors are dishwasher safe and easily come out to be cleaned. Conveniently it will remind you to clean the filter after every 30 hours of use. The housing stays cool due to these easily removable heat deflectors. There are two levels of LED lighting with the Best logo hidden in the cabinet when the downdraft is in the down position.  For additional flexibility there is an optional, wired remote control that can be positioned away from the hood. It’s complete capture design can be seen in this video using shadow imagining.


So if you had your heart set on a beautiful, social, unobstructed cooking view that won’t choke you or your guests….consider the Best Cattura. After all, their motto is “Live Beautifully”….and this product is a testament of this mission statement.