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Fun in the Kitchen

Today’s subject: Fun in the kitchen. Men, get your minds out of the gutter and think appliances, specifically dishwashers. A man shared with me that he and his wife don’t own a dishwasher and actually visit while they do the dishes (by hand). No, his name wasn’t John Boy Walton, but for the rest of us it’s more likely a struggle between wanting to cook a healthy meal at home, and really hating to make a mountain of dirty dishes and utensils. If this is your struggle then your solution is simple- obtain a good dishwasher. Oh yeah, and while your new machine is quietly doing the cleaning you should ask your spouse how their day was.

Here’s a few of my dishwasher recommendations to meet a variety of budgets:

Miele (see video) Models ranging from $899-$2,299

General Electric GDT720 (see video) (with bottle wash jets, also great for cleaning smoothie glasses) starting at $899

Bosch SHX7PT55UC $1299 (see it here)

KitchenAid models starting at $699 (built like tanks!)

Whirlpool WDF520PADM starting at $399 (see it here)


Basketballs & Dishes

With March Madness Sweet 16 happening right now….who has time to spend in the kitchen cleaning up the game dishes? Someone, or something, has to do them. If, like me, your “madness” is a dishwasher so loud it could be mistaken for an insane fan throwing pots, pans, and glasses around the house, it may be time for a new dishwasher. One of my “Sweet 16” dishwasher options to end my personal March Madness would be Fisher & Paykel. So prepare yourself for product knowledge tossed out to you with plenty of cheesy basketball puns.


Fisher & Paykel is an appliance company known well for its dishwasher drawer solutions. While they offer a whole complete kitchen appliance suite, their dishdrawers are a game changer due their unique feature set and versatility of use. Fisher & Paykel developed the idea of a dishwasher drawer when someone jumped in with a filing cabinet box and said “Hey! Make a dishwasher like these drawers!” This was in 1986 and took another 13 years for them to introduce their dishwasher drawer into the North American Market. They have continued to improve their machines throughout the years with design and engineering that includes SmartDrive motor technology.dishdrawer-2

This industry player offers one or two drawer options; panel ready or not; with or without a handle. This allows for easy pairing with any other brand as well as the whole team of Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliances. On the two drawer models you can choose separate wash cycles and temperatures for each drawer. For day to day use you can choose to run just one drawer, or use the full capacity of the double drawer to fit up to 14 place settings, easily accommodating the dinner dishes of a basketball team roster of 12. Unlike cheering fans, at 47.5 dB, it’s also quiet. They have built-in safety features such as a triple stage flood protection with a high strength hose, an overfill tub sensor, and a back-up switch that activates a drain pump. FPdishdrawerIf your eyes are glued to a game and your little one wanders into the kitchen, the child lock feature keeps their little hands from setting off cycles. The powerful motor controls water pressure in the dishwasher and is strong enough to shoot water into the air 17 FEET, a feature any basketball player, or fan, could appreciate. With a 2 year parts and labor warranty that extends to 3 years if you register online, you can be assured it will be a key kitchen clean up player for a long time.

As for me and my final dishwasher pick? I’ll get to it after the games….

Blog idea credit to the awesome Cathy Bame for bringing up March Madness. You rock!!


The Dirt on Dishwashing

Dishwashers….STOP PRE-RINSING!

Let’s wash our dishes before we load them in the dishwasher….Uh… how about NO?

It is a common misconception that the quick wash is a more efficient setting on your dishwasher than a two hour normal wash when in reality a quick wash doesn’t wash long enough to clean dishes well.   Most people that use that cycle will pre-rinse their dishes.  If you do pre-rinse, then the quick cycle is fine.   But if you are rinsing – STOP!!!   That is significantly less efficient than using a full cycle without rinsing your dishes.   In just two or three minutes of pre-rinsing you will use as much, or more,  water than your dishwasher would for a full cycle.  Many dirty dishespremium dishwashers that have an auto wash, or sensor wash, need to see how dirty the water is in order to run a full cycle at the highest temperature.  High temps for longer periods of time allow for better drying.   If you pre-rinse the sensors recognize that your dishes are fairly clean and the dishwasher shortens the wash time, which adversely effects sanitizing and drying.  Modern detergents have enzymes that eat food particles.  If you have rinsed all of the food off, the enzymes can attack your glassware and turn them cloudy since they do not have food to eat.   Be sure to scrape the big chunks off, but the little bits will be washed away at the end of the wash cycle.  If you want more details, check out what the EPA says about pre-washing.

Submitted by Doug White – Appliance Expert  Doug