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Super Duper Extra Special Contest

ideaYou talking to me? Yeah, I’m talking to You!

We at Aggressive Appliances really love appliances. We are the people at parties checking out your kitchen because we want to look at the appliances you have….especially if it’s vintage with funky, groovy colors. New things come out like a smart phone activated, built-in, custom, coffee/beverage dispenser and we all “ooh & ahhh” around it. We even make sure we have the right glasses to put under it’s dispenser to make sure its magnificence is showcased properly. (this is real by the way, see it here, you appliance-geek-in-training, you)

Yes. We are THOSE people. Don’t judge us. We are not cut from typical cloth. It’s a poly/cotton blend most likely cleaned in a front load steam washer with a built-in inside light illuminating the wash cycle. And we know we are weird. But enough about us.

Who are you? What would you love to read about? We want to know!!! Who wants junk in their email? You? No? I didn’t think so. And I seriously am not interested in boring you to tears.  


You have a voice! Speak up! The world wants to hear you! And I’m here to deliver your appliance message to them!!!

How about this? You email me with an appliance/cooking/recipe/joke topic you have always wanted to read about or share with the world. I will collect your tasty ideas and pick the best idea to use in our upcoming blog articles. If your idea is selected as THE most awesome blog idea YOUR idea will be used in the very next blog article with a mention that you were the GREATEST GENIUS IDEA WINNER (after all entries are received and reviewed). If you don’t win the “Best of the Best” but your fantastic idea is used for another blog down the road you will be credited as “One Of The Geniuses With Great Blog Ideas”.

All cool ideas, the cool people with the ideas, and the cool winner with the best idea, will be announced in some extra special cool way on our blog site. This is purposely vague because I haven’t thought up exactly how to really showcase your creative brilliance….but I will.

I know, I know. THIS IS HUGE!!! It may be the biggest contest of 2015 and you’ll be part of it, MAYBE EVEN WIN IT!!! Your 15 minutes of BLOG FAME right at your fingertips!!!!

Now slice me a piece of your thoughts and send those blog ideas my way! You have some winning to do!!!!

All submissions should be sent to cvarela@aggressiveappliances.com, titled “BLOG CONTEST ENTRY”. Contest close date is April 3, 2015. All submissions will be reviewed and the winner’s idea will be used for the May 7th blog.  

RANDOM AGGRESSIVE PIC MOMENT – With spring starting tomorrow, here’s a pic of frozen Jaskot grand-kiddos, Jeremy & Jemma, and their snowy friend, graciously representing Aggressive Appliances. Team Aggressive!!!! WHOOP!! WHOOP!!