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Interview with a Dishwasher

Asko LogoAsko Logan 3What happens when you interview a fellow co-worker about their new Asko dishwasher? You get a lot of answers and some silly photo ops…..I put my glasses on for this one to get my “reporter” groove on…Asko Logan 5

Logan used to resort to a base model “other” brand that was noisy (you could hear the *squish*squish* of the water) and didn’t clean her dishes. It was bad, so bad that Quinn (pictured below in all his furry cuteness), her fur baby, helped out with the dishes. Asko Logan QuinnFast forward to about 6 months ago when Logan was the proud purchaser of a top-of-the-line Asko dishwasher and here is what she has to say from first hand experience…

Logan’s words:

“I put REALLY dirty dishes in there. I even put a casserole dish caked on with a dark berry cobbler and it came out CLEAN!!”

“My wine glasses come out streak free. I usually let them sit for a few days because I don’t have a full load right away.”

“I LOVE the silverware tray. I never use the silverware basket.”

“I don’t hear it. The little display window shows the time left. I also like that the design is simple, doesn’t have a name on the front, and doesn’t compete with other design elements in my kitchen.”

“Quinn likes to sit on the door when the dishwasher is open and sometimes ‘pre-wash’ the dishes. He is 10 lbs.” (It’s a good thing this dishwasher sanitizes the dishes!!!!!)

Asko Logan 4

The top of the line, D5656XXLHS model with a tubular handle has a MSRP of $2155, with the pro handle MSRP at $2210. Their base model starts at $979!!! Inside this stainless steel interior dishwasher sits a fully removal third utensil rack positioned in the center of the dishwasher. The WideClean zones offer more powerful wash action on pots, pans, and cobbler crusted Fiestaware. This model also has an interior light. And since Asko is the dishwasher line for the Subzero and Wolf family, you get a 2 year warranty AND amazing customer service. They also offer a 3 year warranty if it’s purchased and installed by us included as part of a full Subzero-Wolf package. Of course, we have this model and other Askos on the floor. We’d be happy to show them to you!Asko Logan 1

Something to Talk About


FOOD_CROISSANT_COFFEE_TRG_72815Pull up a chair and grab a fresh baked croissant with your coffee. The time has come again to seriously consider a Subzero-Wolf-Asko package. As of July 1st through March 31, 2017, they are running a promotion that can include $1000 back and/or Wolf Gourmet product options.


Many consumers wonder if the cost of a premium appliance package is worth it. They also wonder if they can afford such luxuries. I’m here to tell you it’s possible and worth it. Investing extra money now will give you a fabulous chef’s kitchen that will last you for many years.


Refrigeration that lasts, cooking products that stand up to the toughest and gentlest recipes, cleaning products that take on anything you can whip up on their fine products, this is what you can have with a Subzero-Wolf-Asko kitchen. But they don’t stop there….how about a coffee system and microwave options (built-in, drop down doors, micro-drawers). Under-counter refrigeration and freezers offer you drawer options or door options. Wine storage in beautiful columns, or placed under your counter. Ice machines and outdoor products, the list goes on and on. You like modern and sleek? Professional and robust? Hidden behind decadent cabinetry? If you can dream it, the Subzero-Wolf-Asko line can bring it to life. This is a manufacturer that doesn’t quit and neither do their products.


One of their best kept secrets is how they treat their customers. You are premium. You are cared for. Their customer service is top notch and, to us, one of the best in the industry. They invest in you as you have invested in their products.


This is not a product line can be summed up in a small blog. A tour through our expanded Living Kitchen and details in person about their promotion are very much worth a trip to our showroom. Finish your coffee and croissant, and stop in. It’s time to wake up and realize this kitchen dream is within reach. We will show you how…

Drying off with a sneaker

Comedian Zach Galifianakis once said you know it’s time to do the laundry when you dry off with a sneaker. Here’s an option before it ever gets to that point.

ASKO laundry was inspired and created by a young Swedish farmer, Karl-Erik Andersson, in 1950. His vision and creation even astounded his mother who apparently wasn’t that easily impressed. His inspiration and creation have brought us all a fantastic option for either a main laundry set or a second set for another area of the house. If you are looking to protect your clothing, be more energy conscious, and have thorough, low chemical cleaning of your clothing, you may be interested in what ASKO has to offer. They have been in the front load laundry business way before it ever became the norm and haven’t had many of the issues consumers have faced with other brands. Let’s explore “why” together, shall we? Asko Laundry2 ASKO units have never had an odor problem. The washer drum is hard mounted as opposed to having a soft bellows gasket, which equals zero mold growth. No science experiments here, sorry. The drain pump line is easily accessible since it’s accessed from the front of the machine. Do you know why this is important to you or me? Because we leave things in our pockets, that’s why. Toys, gum, coins, really big lint, etc. This handy-dandy feature let’s you clean out anything that gets caught in there eliminating costly service calls. There are shocks in the bottom of the washer unit keeping vibration low as it spins out your clothing at 1200-1400 rpm depending on the model. It’s smart, too! It is a cold water only hookup so the machine controls the water temp and heats it to the proper temperature based on the cycle selection. The units can be vented or non-vented. They plug into each other and come with their own stacking kit. Asko Laundry You can kiss your bleach goodbye since their machines heat water to 205 degrees. Detergent and fabric softener usage is also reduced since the machine relies mainly on temperature and wash technique to clean your clothes, not chemicals. No detergent is left on the clothing after a wash and so it doesn’t get baked into your clothes in the dryer. Asko LogoSo before you ever resort to drying yourself off with a sneaker give ASKO a shot at impressing you. If Karl-Erik was able to impress his mom who was insistent on the highest of standards, maybe he can impress you, too.