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We Choose You

DeeperCommitmentAre your biscuits burning? Is your dishwasher leaking? Is your refrigerator running? (catch it!) What do you do when calamity strikes the smoldering heart of your home? You call us!! Why? Because we don’t just sell the world’s greatest appliances, we make sure they work, too!!!


I’ve always said that a sale starts once your appliance is installed. Sure, you come in; spend the time to pick out your dream kitchen with all latest, greatest bells, and whistles; lay out a substantial portion of your sock drawer cash expecting your stuff to work forever. After all, didn’t you just spend a small fortune towards your culinary dreams? I hate to break into your appliance dream and cast some shadows, but sometimes that manufacturer warranty comes up fast and furious and your beautiful (insert dream appliance word here________) goes kaput on you. The nerve!Tools

What do you do? Do you call an 800 number and wait on hold for someone you may or may not even understand or that understands you? Who are they sending into your home? How long will it take to get them to your house? Will they stand by their work? Oh my!!! Who has time to deal with this nonsense!?!?!

We do.


We don’t just take your money and run. We are here with a deeper commitment to you and your kitchen. You don’t call an 800 number. You call us. Any time. It’s the weekend, you say? HA! So what? We have on call emergency service technicians. And guess what? They are all seasoned like a well used cast iron pan…

Why would this tidbit be important for you? You’ll know why the first time something goes wrong with your appliance. You’ll get the full affect of “why” when we answer your desperate appliance repair call. Yes, you’ll know exactly why you choose Aggressive.

We choose you, too. Always.

Listen…do you want to know a secret?

ChrissyIn some ways, we may be one of the best kept secrets in Orlando. On any given day we have surprises going on in our showroom. Anyone that’s ventured here to shop for their appliances most likely has a story to share about us. We don’t divulge all of our secrets online since that would spoil the fun for the people who come in. But…here are a few tasty morsels that may interest you this coming month…

ArtofCocktailNeed a drink? Next week we will be hosting a cocktail event presented by Edible Orlando, Orlando Date Night Guide, and the Orlando Chapter of the United States’ Bartender Guild. Learn how to mix up some cocktails with a few masters in mixology, compete for the best one, and have a great night out while doing it! More info and tickets can be found here.


Interested in cooking? Chef Maria Rivera can show you a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to bringing easy ingredients together with phenomenal results! You can get tickets for her classes by clicking here.

As for our other secrets? You’ll just have to come in and visit us. We’ll have a custom cup of fresh brewed coffee waiting for you…


Cater to Me

MikeCaterMike, one of our sales team members, had a call come in from a client the other day who also happens to be a chef. As he was accustomed to using full sheet catering pans in his restaurant, he was interested in a range that would accept full sheet pans to accommodate his creations at home. Wanting to confirm which models would work, we started going from product to product putting each to the test. We carry all of the leading brands and display them on our floor. That made it very easy to find out.


So what did we find out?


We found that DCS, Dacor, Thermador Pro Grand, MONOGRAM, and BlueStar in 36″ and 48″ ranges are all able to accommodate a full sheet catering pan.


It should be noted that not all clients need that feature in their range. I know personally I have gone my whole life and have not needed to use a full sheet catering pan. I’ve even been known to cook up a storm in a 20″ range that I dubbed my “Easy Bake Oven”. However, if you do have the need, it is great to know there are plenty of fantastic options (that we carry and you can test) right here to choose from in our showroom without having to own or visit a restaurant with a commercial range! See you soon!


Cuckoo for Gaggenau

GeraldGaggenauIt was an early Thursday morning in mid-December at Aggressive when a taxi pulled up and out jumped Gerald from Germany with a carry-on full of tools. Gerald had just arrived by way of his last stop in Newark, New Jersey, to personally install our Gaggenau kitchen. He is THE installer who travels the world installing Gaggenau appliances along with the fine cabinetry surrounding this super premium brand. With speed and precision and the assistance of Eric on our team he completed our kitchen in three days. He stopped only to refuel on rich coffee.


We were all quite excited as the room started to come together.  The kitchen features some of the world’s finest appliances nestled among impressive cabinetry and a wall panel accent piece imported from the Black Forest of Germany. And what fine kitchen would be complete without a genuine, German cuckoo clock? Yes, there is even a cuckoo clock.


The background canvas chosen to highlight Gaggenau’s super premium product line does it justice. The sleek lines, minimalist controls, artistic images, fine materials, and textures used in the creation of Gaggenau appliances have a distinctive flavor that you have to see, touch, and experience to truly understand.


The gourmet at-home chef that is looking to design their kitchen haven around this product line already knows Gaggenau. We are just here to ooh and ahh along with you and show it off…..Gaggenau-2If you’d like a personal tour just be sure to come near the hour so you can watch and listen to the clock go off where I would swear you get secretly transported into a cooking fantasy land where delicious recipe magic is sure to happen.


2015 Year in Review

Happy New YearIt’s been yet another exciting year at Aggressive and much like the rest of the world we are recapping some of the best parts. January 2015 was the official start of our weekly blog and with it each week we brought you up to speed on new appliances, recipes, helpful tips, stories, and showroom happenings. Here are some our favorite highlights from 2015.

The introduction of the snazzy Viking Induction cooktop


GE Monogram’s French door single walloven


Our Kill Deer family that grew by three


The celebration of our 35th Anniversary with locally sourced goodies every day that week


FOUR new kitchen renovations to our showroom displays with Miele, Viking, Subzero-Wolf, and Gaggenau product lines


VikingKitchenSubzero-WolfKitchenSubzero-WolfKitchen2GaggenauKitchenAnd of course we had a variety of events…

Our Second Annual Couples Cook-offs brought to us by Edible Orlando and Orlando Date Night Guide

Couples Cookoff 2015

Our FIT Event with the Magic Team, Second Harvest and Disney


Many delicious meals were prepared and enjoyed in our kitchens by our own employees and guest chefs.


We know all about “new” at Aggressive because there’s always something “new” going on. 2016 appears to be unchanging in that there’s more change on the horizon of this new year.

So 2016…..BRING IT!!!

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Christmas2015-4‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Aggressive

Not a spatula was stirring, not even the KitchenAid mixer.

The appliances would soon be shut off by their switches with care

With hopes that we left nothing on, we wouldn’t dare! Christmas2015-6

The install and delivery team would soon be snug in their beds,

While visions of keg-o-rators would dance in their heads.

And Cheryl in her apron, and Jerry on his PC,

Were checking the skies for Santa’s flight plan over various seas.


When out in the parking lot there arose such a clatter,

Tina sprang from her desk to see what was the matter.

Away to the doors we both flew with a flash

And sure enough the car dealership truck was blocking our path! Christmas2015

The accounting and purchasing departments were busy with money,

Making jokes as they worked because they’re so punny.

Sales reps discussed various brand features with zest,

While service reps and techs did their best with “Please get me in before Christmas!” Christmas2015-2

Our warehouse was bustling with last minute orders.

While Jeff put out fires and took care of disorder.

It had been a great year with many gifts to behold,

Many deliveries, installations, repairs, many appliances sold!
ChristmasAny new showroom renovation or more showroom events,

Would just have to wait until the New Year commenced.

And I thought I heard Jerry exclaim as he drove out of the parking lot that night,

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Good-Night!”

Soups On! 2015 Edition

Soup2015-1Each year we have a soup/chili competition amongst our employees. Some of us take the competition very seriously. I was happy to come in a solid 10th place out of 13 entries with plans to make it to 9th next year!! The results came in after many of us MmmmMmmmMmm-ing our way through all the competitors.

Logan, our latest addition to Aggressive took 3rd place. Sam, Scott’s wife, took 2nd place. Tina came in first with her tortellini soup!! Here is Tina’s winning recipe so you can cook up a great dinner for your guests! The kicker? She didn’t even really follow a recipe!


Tina’s Tortellini Soup

I – box of veggie broth

1 – box of beef broth

2 – packs of pork sausage/maybe 16 oz each

2 – 32 oz cans of fire roasted tomatoes crushed

1 – onion chopped and sautéed

A handful of chopped garlic cloves chopped

1 – small bag of carrots chopped into strips.

2 – bags frozen tortellini (left on counter to thaw)

Saute your vegies and cook the sausage….add those to your broth and tomatoes…season with salt to taste, there was some Montreal seasoning on the counter, so I kept adding that too.

You can add wine, or I used most of a bottle of cooking sherry in mine.  I put in 2 bags of frozen tortellini (that I left on the counter, so they were actually thawed). Add those in the last ½ hour before you serve it. It’s a pretty basic soup so you can add or take away veggies per your taste….if you weren’t making for a big crowd, half all the ingredients.  I also added some chopped fresh basil right before serving.



Then……Tina brought in some of the best cookies this past week for us to all enjoy. They are a Martha Stewart special. I’m adding the recipe link here because everyone needs to attempt these at home, especially for Christmas! Martha Stewart – Oatmeal Toffee Cookies

Happy cooking!!!

Homeward Bound

TG2015I’ve been in the appliance industry for 20 years. During this time I’ve been fortunate to work for companies that truly take care of their clients and allow the latitude to go above and beyond to do the right thing. That type of freedom is something I wish for everyone.

At Aggressive I’ve witnessed an exceptional level of giving. I’ve seen it in the way we make sure we find the right appliances for our guests, do research for the right part, offer up soul warming goodies, support local businesses, and strengthen our community in hands-on ways by hosting charitable events.  This is who we are…….and it’s the place people keep coming back to for appliances for over 35 years.


Our key ingredients? A highly professional in-house delivery and install team, an award winning service department, and a sales team comprised of elite players within our industry, featuring such stars as a former brand representative, appliance store managers/owners, and people that have been doing this appliance “thing” for so long, so well, they could start their own appliance themed wiki site!

Another premium key ingredient? You! Yes, for obvious reasons, but when you walk into our showroom for the first time and that look of surprise, wonderment, and “Wow!” spreads across your face, that’s the best! I completely understand. If you’ve been here, you know. You get it. I’m so glad you do.

Good people, good things happening, and a sense of trust that if it’s possible, we will make it happen. That energy attracts good people and keeps good things going on.  I am so grateful for all the “ingredients” that make Aggressive, Aggressive.

I think what people feel when they come into Aggressive is what I feel when I walk in….Home.

The Happiest of Thanksgivings from our home to yours!


Dedicated Cookery Succulence aka DCS

DCSlogoDCS-7This is a warning that you should have a napkin ready if you are going to read the rest of this blog because there are pictures of grilled delicacies that WILL make your mouth water.


Photo Credit to Tina Wilson


As if we didn’t love him enough already..our dear DCS by Fisher & Paykel rep, Dan Trbovich, came by this last Tuesday to grill up lunch on a DCS grill for our ENTIRE staff. Our own Doug White was on hand helping because, well, he rocks! (cue air guitar). Together they grilled up delicious steaks, chicken, portobello mushrooms, onions, and pineapple. We baked up potatoes inside, while Mike Davidson shared his decadent smoked fish spread.


The steaks were outrageous!!!! The onions were so sweet!!! The grilled pineapple? Succulent candy!! I thoroughly encourage any one of you to sink your teeth into the features that are offered by a DCS outdoor grill that result in such deliciousness pictured here.


Photo Credit to Tina Wilson


Photo Credit to Tina Wilson



Photo Credit to Tina Wilson


With their full surface super searing grill, grease management system, smoker box, infrared rotisserie, along with grilling and griddle accessory options, it’s no shock we all enjoyed some seriously soul satisfying food!!! This is one hot grill!! While our menu had hearty meats, veggies, and fruit, DCS grills can delicately handle fish as well. Yes! Yes! We have DCS grills here for you to see!!! Some of our staff own DCS grills and can first hand tell you how they use and love them. I’ve cooked on one myself. After the belly stuffing meal we enjoyed I can assure you this isn’t the first time I’ve had a fantastic feast on a DCS grill and it definitely won’t be the last!


Thank you so much, Turbo!!!


Awesome Griller Turbo with a Happy Me


In Living Color

TLK_4C_SMAn old show jingle used to play “Do what you want to do – in living color”. Do you remember it? Before your time? It came to mind to me today because if you know Aggressive, you know we do what we want to do and that usually means changing…..all the time.


Our latest change is in our Subzero-Wolf section aka “The Living Kitchen” and it is very close to completion. We have a few finishing touches along with a few holes to fill in….but this area of our showroom is fast becoming my favorite spot to wander through. It really showcases the beauty of Subzero, Wolf, and Asko lines.


I really love the way the Subzero wine storage column looks in its new home! The design elements selected really make the Wolf Pro 48″ range “pop” while the Asko dishwasher is set in a beautiful, cozy cove. The three brands come together with vivid textures and metallic finishes to truly showcase the beauty and quality of the appliances.


Our showroom always has surprises springing up. We’d love for you to stop by so you can touch, feel, and look at “The Living Kitchen” in living color….TileCropCV