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Our Service Story


A  well written article by Steve the owner/CEO of Yale Appliance in Boston entitled “Why doesn’t every appliance brand and store offer service?” has inspired me to share our story as it pertains to service.
Click here to read Yale blog

Here’s our service story. I’ve got a short version of a long story. That’s still a long story, so I’ll do the abbreviated version of the short version.

In 1980, when we started, most appliance dealerships didn’t offer in-house service (most still don’t); our company, like every other appliance dealership would refer our customers to service companies when their appliances broke. Around 1983, we supplemented these referrals with techs we hired so that we could be more responsive. This went on for 2 decades and was a bit better than the dealers we were in competition with. After reading “Good to Great” by Jim Collins in 2002, everything changed. Being good was no longer the goal, we needed to set our sights on being great. High end appliance sales were increasing at that time and the service providers we referred to seemed to care less and less about the customer’s experience (they were being put through the wringer; Ok, I promise no more appliance puns). The time for half measures had passed and we needed to build a service department for our customers that would be great. I was soon to learn why appliance dealers no longer offered service. Everything about service would prove to be difficult. Folks who call in for service are understandably upset because their product is broken; our customer service agents taking these calls need to be empathetic, efficient, and able to juggle 5 balls with one hand. Hiring competent technicians would prove to be near impossible as Vo-Tech centers have quit teaching appliance repair (eventually we started our own tech apprenticeship program). I could go on and on about our difficulties, but this is the abbreviated version of the short version, really! Fast forward to 2009, my son Jeff joined Aggressive as the service manager and grew this department dramatically through the recession years; that in and of itself speaks volumes for Jeff and the dire need for great service in our industry. As of this writing we employ 9 service techs, 14 installation specialists, 5 CSRs, and 2 managers. We still believe that “good is the enemy of great”, and to that end we roll up our sleeves everyday (except Sunday) and are determined that nothing short of great is good enough for our customers.

Steam = Success !

(a “little” prior to 1980)

When Aggressive opened its doors in 1980, the microwave oven was cutting edge technology.
Since then, we’ve had a bunch of innovative cooking products introduced, some with success, others, not so much (a refrigerating range comes to mind).  In this brief article, let’s look at one of the great success stories, which in fact has become a whole new category of cooking products:  convection steam ovens.

These ovens not only work miracles with leftovers (revitalizing even pizza!), but they are the absolute healthiest way to cook vegetables; allowing them to retain 100% of their nutrients – nothing is lost. Convection steam as the name indicates is a combination of fan forced heat and steam acting on the food. Miele has a steam only product, but they also have a combi-steam which is more versatile.

At present we offer these products by Bosch, Gaggenau,Jenn-Air, Miele, Sharp, Thermador, Viking, and Wolf (alphabetical order).

The prices range from the lowest priced unit (Sharp) at $2,779, to the Gaggenau at $8,199.

Make a visit to our showroom to see
the wonders of the Steam Oven for yourself…we have many on display in our “live” kitchens.

Keep the Magic Alive

In January 2015, every Thursday around 8:15am, I began email blasting this blog with the help and input from my fellow appliance geeks here at Aggressive. During that time we’ve shared appliance adventures, food pictures, appliance glam shots, reviews, recipes, stories, and food holidays….and I’ve loved every minute of it even if my un-subscribers didn’t…..(that must have been an accident, right?!?!?!).

Now the time has arrived to pass the torch on to the next Editor. As of Friday I am moving into a new position with a major appliance manufacturer (for fairness sake will remain un-named). Maybe I’ll ghost write? Maybe Jerry will take over with appliance or non-appliance words of wisdom? Or maybe a new Editor and writer will take over and make your appliance world shine even brighter?

I do know this much….it’s been my pleasure to open up the appliance world to you during this time and ignite some spark of magic into your kitchen imaginings. Your kind thoughts, visits, encouragement, and cookies (Thank you to the Surprenants!) have been so greatly appreciated.

It has been so much fun giving you reasons to get excited about appliances because after all….they are the heart of our homes. I will still be calling on Aggressive as a rep. I hope to still see you in my travels. This is THE greatest appliance location in Orlando.

From my appliance home to yours……preserving, cooking, and washing up…..Keep the magic alive!


Fun in the Kitchen

Today’s subject: Fun in the kitchen. Men, get your minds out of the gutter and think appliances, specifically dishwashers. A man shared with me that he and his wife don’t own a dishwasher and actually visit while they do the dishes (by hand). No, his name wasn’t John Boy Walton, but for the rest of us it’s more likely a struggle between wanting to cook a healthy meal at home, and really hating to make a mountain of dirty dishes and utensils. If this is your struggle then your solution is simple- obtain a good dishwasher. Oh yeah, and while your new machine is quietly doing the cleaning you should ask your spouse how their day was.

Here’s a few of my dishwasher recommendations to meet a variety of budgets:

Miele (see video) Models ranging from $899-$2,299

General Electric GDT720 (see video) (with bottle wash jets, also great for cleaning smoothie glasses) starting at $899

Bosch SHX7PT55UC $1299 (see it here)

KitchenAid models starting at $699 (built like tanks!)

Whirlpool WDF520PADM starting at $399 (see it here)


Connecting with Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest
I just completed a tour of the facilities at the Second Harvest Food Bank, thanks to our goodwill ambassador Tina Wilson connecting with Sasha Hausman . They are located just down the street from our store on Mercy Drive. The first thing they did was feed us lunch (yes they really did-and it was good) and Sasha together with a board member (Andy) shared some astounding statistics about Central Florida and hunger. These good people are in the business (not for profit) of distributing food to folks in need, among other things. SH operates so efficiently, working with dozens of local agencies, at distributing food to the needy in a multi county area of Central Florida, and I mean lots of food, as in millions and millions of pounds. One of those other things they do involves training chefs in their full commercial restaurant kitchen. Led by Chef Israel Santiago, this program boasts a 100% employment record for its graduates; and no wonder after meeting Chef Israel. His students are the beneficiaries of an excellent program and an inspirational leader. They are fighting hunger (and poverty) effectively and our communities are truly lifted by this organization. After touring the storage warehouse, receiving docks, super chilled refrigerator and freezer storage rooms we, tourees, were sufficiently impressed. A serious “WOW’ was all we could say. At tour’s end they gave us information on how to get involved and you can bet that we will.
Come to find out Tina has worked out a deal so that in the near future their chef trainees will be helping us with our Thursday lunches. As a conscious capitalist I love it when we can partner and serve together with an organization like Second Harvest.