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What…..a Free Coffee Machine !?!

Okay…….you have to stretch the math to call it a free coffee machine, but if you go to  “FourBucks” once a day for about  a year and a half, you will spend as much money as it costs to get our best deal on a built-in coffee machine.

In recent years, coffee systems were introduced by Wolf and Jenn-Air, while Miele’s coffee machines got even more advanced.  The BSH Corp. (Bosch, Thermador & Gaggenau) coffee machines seemed old fashioned by comparison.  On the sureface,the new all electronic coffee machines appear to significantly outclass the older BSH units, but the reality was that we loved the simplicity and reliability of the classic machines.  You change cup size or strength with knobs, so you never had to work through any computer menus.  Frothing milk was a little bit more manual than the fancy carafe based systems, but the milk was always outside the machine on a dishwasher asafe wand and there was no required milk cleaning function with specific chemicals to purchase.  The  price was a little better, too. Well, new Bosch and Thermador coffee systems are here now and they are suitably awesome.  We will have the new Gaggenau machine soon.   To make room for the new products, BSH Corp. made us a deal on some of the remaining Gaggenau coffee machines.  The Gaggenau CM210710 sold for $2949 until just a few weeks ago, but we have several in inventory for $1999.  In a market where the competitive brands cost as much as $3699, that is a fantastic value.

If you are interested in a built-in coffee machine that makes coffee as good an any machine available today, is  easier to learn and maintain than any other machine, and costs less….come see us soon.  When these are gone, you will have to buy one of the more complex and expensive machines: yes, it will have cooler features, but it won’t make better coffee.  You will love any of our available coffee systems, but why spend more and stretch your learning curve.

By the way, do not forget to make room in the cabinets for Gaggenau’s matching cup warmer. There are few things in life worse than putting hot coffee in a cold cup.

*** Please refer to our Clearance List on our website, it stays updated with savings you don’t want to miss !


Blog submission by our own Appliance Geek..Doug White

Why yes, I would love a cup of coffee….



We sell an amazing diverse selection of appliances…every size, price range and brand….but, there is an appliance that is visited daily, hourly, and often has several of us singing its praises, it is the Coffee Machine.
When a customer walks in our doors they are greeted with…….would you like a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, cappuccino, latte or even an espresso ?   No, you are not at Starbucks, and we will not incorrectly write your name on a paper cup and ask for a debit card or $20…we just love to show off the brewing capabilities of our ‘live’ coffee systems.
The newest machine to be installed, and the one we have been playing with, and critiquing is from Bosch, and it just looks cool….so sleek, and high appeal for techies with wifi capability using Home Connect.   It is very user friendly, and they made the dial selector a little too fun to play with, as you are able to spin the finger touch sensitive wheel around to choose the perfect drink, temperature, strength and size.
To fully appreciate these machines and discover which one you can’t live without, you really need to visit our showroom, test drive one for yourself…and enjoy.


While all these awesome coffee systems are mechanical dreams producing the perfect cup of happy….they are nothing without the correct coffee bean.   Rule number one is, you can’t use an oily bean….ever……it will clog up the system and result in a maintenance issue and maybe a service call (which, we can help with that too…don’t forget, we have an in-house service department). Beans need to be dry, and while taste is subjective, as freshly roasted as possible produces the best cup of coffee.
20161129_093245 20161129_164330

I recently was referred to Foxtail Coffee, newly opened in Winter Park…I stopped by, met the owners and fell in love with their space, their coffee beans… and they both couldn’t have been more friendly and willing to let me sample a cold brew as I walked out the door with 10 lbs of freshly roasted beans.   If you stop by their place you won’t be disappointed, we are proud to now be using Foxtail roasted coffee beans in our showroom.  FYI….their grand opening is this weekend.

If you are in the market for your own personal barista in the form of a coffee machine, stop by our showroom, have a cup of coffee and let one of our sales associates connect you to the perfect match for you.



Everything you ever wanted to know about Self-Cleaning ovens……

We’re on a mission from God and we won’t stop until the senseless stress of dead ovens is eradicated from the holiday season.  As we approach the holidays some of you out there might be thinking, “The in-laws are coming over and we can’t have a filthy oven when they arrive”.

So this is what your oven looks like after you forgot to clean it following your successful Thanksgiving turkey?

DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!!!!!!  NO ONE CARES BUT YOU, we promise.  Well, that might be a lie but it’s better than no oven at all, right???

Every year we have 5-10 customers that call us in the weeks leading up to Christmas with some very familiar refrains. “Help, I self-cleaned my _______________ (insert any brand here) oven and now I can’t open the door.”  Or the ever popular “Help, I self-cleaned my _______________ (insert any brand here) oven and now it is totally dead.” Or the dreaded, “Help, I self-cleaned my _______________ (insert any brand here) oven but I forgot to remove the foil from the bottom of it and it melted into the liner”.   Okay, I’ll stop.  You get the point.

Pyrolytic (super-hot) self-cleaning is amazing.  Just ask someone that has ever had to clean an oven that isn’t.  It usually involves some pretty aromatic chemicals and lots of elbow grease. Self-cleaning burns the grease and stains from your oven liner and literally turns them into ash.  It does so by achieving temperatures usually only found in workshops, kilns, and other heavy manufacturing processes.   The temperatures required to do this can be up to 900 degrees for several hours.  This degree of heat for a prolonged period can easily damage control boards, trip fuses, blow thermal limiters, and leave you up a culinary creek with a microwave for a paddle.  Having said that, DO NOT use oven cleaners in a self-cleaning oven; they can damage the interior surface.

While most modern ovens are designed to be self-cleaned, doing so is similar to drag racing the family truckster. You can do it, but it stresses your equipment and you shouldn’t do it on a daily basis – especially not before the family road trip.  Let’s think of the holidays as that family road trip for your oven.  “Mr. Griswold, hold off on the drag race until school gets back in session.”