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Let’s Talk Turkey

It is almost time to turn a perfectly good turkey into a dried out, shoe leather entrée.  Or is it… Do you bake your bird at 325 until the popper pops?  If you do that and don’t stop what you are doing every twenty minutes to baste that baby you will have a dry and mealy turkey.  There are so many ways to make a perfect turkey that you shouldn’t suffer through another bad bird.

My personal favorite is a smoked turkey.  A few years ago I put my first turkey on the Big Green Egg.  I don’t personally cook many turkeys, but it was by far the best I have ever done.  This year, Aggressive Appliances added the Memphis Grill Line, we cooked our staff Thanksgiving lunch turkey on it just this week.



It doesn’t cook better than the Egg, but it will cook just as good and be a whole lot easier.  Just fill the Memphis with your favorite wood pellets, set a temperature and place the probe in the thick part of the thigh.  You are free to watch the parade on TV until the smart phone app buzzes to tell you your meat is ready.  With both the Big Green Egg and the Memphis Grill you can slow smoke or roast at a high temperature.

If you want to cook outside, but don’t want to smoke a turkey, deep fry it on a power burner.  Several of our grill brands make built-in burners with up to 65,000 btu’s.  A turkey on the grill rotisserie is also awesome.

Some people prefer to cook in the kitchen.  If your oven has a convection fan, DO NOT cook your poultry on standard bake.  Convection Bake mode or True Convection (some brands have different terms for the same thing) are good, but Convection Roast mode is best.  If your oven doesn’t have that mode, come see us and we can get you one that does.  Convection roast uses the bake, broil and convection elements plus the fan to sear and lock in the juices of any big piece of meat.  Use a temperature probe since that is a faster cook mode; you do not want to overcook your turkey.  Or maybe you like the idea of rotisserie cooking but don’t like the idea of outside cooking; check out some of our ovens with integrated rotisseries.  If you are cooking a smaller turkey, maybe 10 to 14 pounds, you can probably cook that in your combination steam oven.  What?  You don’t have one?  Well you should.  They will convection cook while adding steam.  You will get a browned and roasted piece of meat that could not be more tender and juicy.  Combi-steam ovens are the new hot thing and many brands now offer those.  If none of those are quick enough, several Speed Ovens have a turkey breast pre-programmed cook mode.  A speed oven will blend heat with microwaves.  Restaurants cook that way for many foods and you can too.

If all of that sounds like too much stress, pick up one of our ovens with pre-programmed cook modes.  Just tell the oven that you are cooking a turkey and it will pick the mode and cook until the probe tells it the right temperature has been reached.  You should enjoy the holidays with your family and friends, not fretting over the best mode to cook your meal.

Wanna save some money?

Last spring I wrote about clearing out your freezer: removing the unknown, the expired, the unwanted, and then planning your next week’s menu around the food remaining in your freezer. It was a time for savings and serving creative meals for dinner. Making space in my freezer was rewarding and fast too. It allowed me to create space for the spring and summer harvest.

Aggressive Appliances has the same issue that my freezer had last spring. Our warehouse has several appliances that were older models, dented and scratch, mismatched, and returns from clients for various reasons. WE NEED TO CLEAR THEM OUT!

We have brought many of these appliances to our sales floor. Our clearance equals great savings to you! Come check them out!

-Jim Balano

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