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Heavenly Pork Loin + Football = Smoking Sunday

PeppersPlayoffs had everyone sitting around the TV this past weekend. If you are wondering what the sonic boom was, that was my mom screaming because the Broncos won. (Hi Mom!) Since food is part of screaming at the TV while watching football in my house,  I picked up a pork loin and attempted to try a recipe verbally given to me by one of our phenomenal guest chefs, Maria Rivera. Pictured here is one of Maria’s creations…


Here’s Maria…

MariaWhen I use the word phenomenal I mean her food brings me to joyous tears. I’m serious. Holy WOW. The kicker is Maria offers cooking classes to teach people just like me how to cook simply, yet decadently, in the comfort of their own homes with ingredients you can buy at local supermarkets. Here’s the link to Maria’s Cooking Classes

Below is the simple recipe (as told to me by Maria) that had my guests happily moaning and grabbing seconds…


I do have a confession….I couldn’t sear it for 4 minutes on each side because I cook on a basic coil range with a recirculating 30″ hood that I’m still trying to adjust my cooking techniques around. Not only did I make a delicious pork loin, I created a ton of smoke and a lot of laughter as the smoke billowed out of all the doors in my apartment. It was heavenly in my house for about 10 minutes. Totally worth it. I baked my pork a little longer than 12 minutes to make up for the lack of searing time. I managed one picture of my leftovers I brought in for lunch because on the actual day we ate it we into a food coma before I thought of doing the pork paparazzi thing. Here it is paired with my yellow rice…..


You may think….there is no way just slathered pork could be that tasty. Just try it yourself for the proof. It was SOOOOO good. And easy. And SMOKING! Super Yum!! Thank you, Maria!!!

Pick up your drawers…


Microwave drawers have been popular for over a decade now. Many builders, designers, and kitchen remodelers like the fact that they can have a microwave tucked away under an island, bar cabinet, or theater area relatively concealed and off of the counter.


MSRP varies for microwave drawers from $949.99 to $1900. Sharp invented and patented the microwave drawer. They use their chassis to make the insides of all the other brands offering microwave drawers. Wolf, Gaggenau, Thermador, Bosch, Viking, Monogram, Jenn-Air, and Dacor all have their own version to match up with their product lines.ThermadorDrawerIn our live kitchens we show Wolf, Thermador, Viking, and Sharp models. They are all similar in features, but it is interesting that Sharp saves a trump or two for themselves. Sharp rates their models at 1000 watts and everyone else has a rating of 950 watts. Expect a cook time difference that will be only a few seconds off, if any. Sharp upsized their microwave drawers from 1.0 cu.ft. to 1.2 cu.ft. a few years ago. As the new models from the other vendors get updated, they are also gaining the extra size. Viking, Jenn-Air and Dacor still sell the 1.0 model, but you will be hard pressed to see where the 0.2 cubic foot went. Some brands offer their microwave drawers in 24″ and 30″ widths for aesthetic and design purposes. The interior capacity remains the same regardless of the width you choose.VikingDrawer

One of the more common questions is if full coffee cups or other liquids splash out as the power open and close drawer moves. Because we have them live, we can test that. All four models sloshed the water in our coffee cup and bowl differently. I think that shows the inconsistencies in manufacturing. In a slope sided cereal bowl about ¾ full, only one of the microwave drawers spilled any water. None of them spilled water from the coffee cup.  Granted….this was with a glass and a bowl of water.  Popcorn, casseroles, and a dinner plate would work fine taking the ride in and out.


All of the models are great performing sensor microwaves. Sharp promises us that they will begin offering a convection model that will also function as a baking oven. They also plan to offer a model that will accept a custom wood panel so that it hides in the cabinetry. Do not expect those before 2018, though. If you are tired of the over-the-range or countertop microwave, come in to our showroom to check out the microwave drawer.

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Cater to Me

MikeCaterMike, one of our sales team members, had a call come in from a client the other day who also happens to be a chef. As he was accustomed to using full sheet catering pans in his restaurant, he was interested in a range that would accept full sheet pans to accommodate his creations at home. Wanting to confirm which models would work, we started going from product to product putting each to the test. We carry all of the leading brands and display them on our floor. That made it very easy to find out.


So what did we find out?


We found that DCS, Dacor, Thermador Pro Grand, MONOGRAM, and BlueStar in 36″ and 48″ ranges are all able to accommodate a full sheet catering pan.


It should be noted that not all clients need that feature in their range. I know personally I have gone my whole life and have not needed to use a full sheet catering pan. I’ve even been known to cook up a storm in a 20″ range that I dubbed my “Easy Bake Oven”. However, if you do have the need, it is great to know there are plenty of fantastic options (that we carry and you can test) right here to choose from in our showroom without having to own or visit a restaurant with a commercial range! See you soon!


Cuckoo for Gaggenau

GeraldGaggenauIt was an early Thursday morning in mid-December at Aggressive when a taxi pulled up and out jumped Gerald from Germany with a carry-on full of tools. Gerald had just arrived by way of his last stop in Newark, New Jersey, to personally install our Gaggenau kitchen. He is THE installer who travels the world installing Gaggenau appliances along with the fine cabinetry surrounding this super premium brand. With speed and precision and the assistance of Eric on our team he completed our kitchen in three days. He stopped only to refuel on rich coffee.


We were all quite excited as the room started to come together.  The kitchen features some of the world’s finest appliances nestled among impressive cabinetry and a wall panel accent piece imported from the Black Forest of Germany. And what fine kitchen would be complete without a genuine, German cuckoo clock? Yes, there is even a cuckoo clock.


The background canvas chosen to highlight Gaggenau’s super premium product line does it justice. The sleek lines, minimalist controls, artistic images, fine materials, and textures used in the creation of Gaggenau appliances have a distinctive flavor that you have to see, touch, and experience to truly understand.


The gourmet at-home chef that is looking to design their kitchen haven around this product line already knows Gaggenau. We are just here to ooh and ahh along with you and show it off…..Gaggenau-2If you’d like a personal tour just be sure to come near the hour so you can watch and listen to the clock go off where I would swear you get secretly transported into a cooking fantasy land where delicious recipe magic is sure to happen.