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“Blank Space”

11873 1000_VIKING_PRWe’ve had a blank space in our Viking kitchen countertop for a short time while we patiently awaited the release of a brand new Viking piece. Much to the surprise of my appliance enamored heart it was filled last Friday with possibly one of the most magnificent 36” induction cooktops I’ve ever laid my eyes on.


The LED lighting in Viking’s signature blue illuminates the surface to artfully let you know “Hey, I’m on! Look at me!”


There is a subtle wavy image graphic in the corner of each element to indicate which burner, or burners, are on. The 6 elements are 9 inches squared beneath the surface and will boost to a high of 3700 watts (the gas equivalent of 26000 BTUs) for the first 10 minutes when turned on high. ALL of the elements can be on at once and allowing the full surface can be used.VikingCktp2

This model has a beveled edge and a grey-ish mirrored finish that is visually interesting and provides a very different look than any other brand currently in the market. See….


If you’re still unaware of the pros of cooking with induction, let me fill you in. It’s energy efficient, much easier to keep clean, fast, and responsive. You really have to see it to understand just how fun induction is to use.  If you’re in the market for a new 30″ or 36” cooktop this Viking cooktop is another reason to visit us.

Maybe this choice will be forever, because it certainly won’t go down in flames…(cue guilty pleasure cheesy pop music)…



Constr 3

Construction is underway!!!! There is dust, noise, hot air, and adventure flying all through here!!! There’s palpable excitement in the air when things start coming down and change is on its way. The only thing that stays the same here at Aggressive is that you can always count on change.Constr 8We’ve set up a handy “DETOUR” sign trail to the bathroom since the usual way is closed off due to the re-construction. Constr 6The signs are a hoot and so are the signs Jerry’s created and posted on the glass windows in the back office for people to giggle at on their trek to the restrooms. Constr 5We’ve even found one of Tina Wilson’s wall murals for the former summer kitchen section hidden behind walls we took down!! Can you make out the plane? How cool is that?!?!?TinaTimeCapsule5

Aggressive is always changing, updating, and growing.  I’m really psyched about what the new changes will look like. Please stop in and see the “in progress”. There are so many “before” and “after” pictures throughout the years that we hope you get a chance to stop in and see a piece of the current action! It will most likely change again by next year, so don’t get too attached…

Constr 9

Black Steel My Heart

KTAblckSteelKitchenAid has introduced their new line of black stainless steel appliances. While there is a complete family of products in this color offering (dishwasher, walloven, hood) the 5 door refrigerator is a true treat. It screams “LOOK AT ME! I appeal to the appliance nerd in you!!” I’m not ashamed to say “YES, YES IT DOES!!!” I showed random people the piece all morning, and by random, I mean trade partners and contractors that weren’t here to shop. (sorry guys)


Why? I’ll tell you why. There are 5 doors to open and close! The organization and design coolness makes me want to learn everything about this refrigerator. It has a platinum interior, soft close doors, Preserva Food Care System that provides two independent cooling systems, herb storage in an angled drawer to keep stems damp but leaves the herb leaves alone, satin glide drawers, side shelves that pop out easily for cleaning, and a 3 tier freezer drawer section. At 25.8 cubic capacity, there is a TON of space in this refrigerator.

KTAfreezer - Copy

I love the idea of being able to open independent drawers and doors eliminating temperature fluctuations in the other areas of the unit. That in itself tells me that preservation will be at peak performance. While there is ice and water through the door it doesn’t seem to hinder the useable space in the fresh food section. The two independent drawers fully extend!!


I’m also loving the new KitchenAid medallions on the ends of the handles. They come in red, but can be ordered in black or stainless. If the black stainless steel is too bold for your taste, the refrigerator comes in stainless steel as well. MSRP in black or stainless steel is $3999.

Even if you aren’t looking for a new refrigerator, if you’re in the area you have to stop in and see this refrigerator for yourself. It’s definitely worth the trip!



Whole Latte Love

When I first came to Aggressive last year I was surprised how each day I felt like I was walking on sunshine, full of pep & vinegar, and loving every minute of my new appliance home (still am!). I soon figured out why. Aggressive drugs its staff….with caffeine!!! There are built-in, live coffee machines dispensing delicious java all day, every day we are open. We partake of this deliciousness often. It’s one of the many company “perks” (pun intended).


Come down and see the Wolf, Miele, Thermador, and JennAir models here on our floor and take a sip of fresh brewed coffee for yourself. Everyone here has a favorite machine for different reasons, so it’s worth trying them out personally to find your favorite. Ask any of us here what machine we like best and we will happily tell you why. After all, we are hooked, hyper, and ready to share advice and coffee!

Farbprofil : ISOcoated.icc

Do you like more crema? Do you prefer a weaker brew? For frothing up cappuccino milk, which carafe would appeal more, glass, plastic carafe, or none at all?  Want to customize the amount and strength of your coffee? Which espresso is tastier depending on the machine? Would you like the option of it being a plumbed or non-plumbed unit?


When considering a coffee system for a kitchen, pantry, bedroom, den, bathroom, dressing area, office, theatre room, Man Cave, She Shed, or ANYWHERE, choose your own adventure and practice brewing your first cup here. Quit dreaming! Wake up to a freshly ground, freshly brewed, customized cup of coffee!




Catch the Wave


This is Aggressive Appliances related only to the extent that we have in-house Surfers.

Moving back to Florida has sparked in me a new zest for life. Surfing is at the top of my short list of new stuff to try. Fortunately, along with a hearty supply of knowledgeable appliance gurus, there are quite a few experienced surfers at Aggressive Appliances. One appliance-selling surfer has graciously offered to teach me how to surf (which might also be read as willing to watch me make a complete fool of myself….maybe?). I’m secure in my silliness, so game on!

JeffI’ve always loved balance and the ocean. The idea of being alone with the water, my thoughts, connecting in a solitary, profound way with nature, appeals a great deal to me. I’ve been warned about board burn and to have patience waiting for a good wave. We’ve discussed the worst things that could happen. I could knock myself unconscious with the board…..or….I could love it so much I’ll become an addict. Just in case I knock myself out I’ll have my medical insurance card on me. And what about sharks, guys?!?

Fast forward a couple of weeks…

I was caught up in watching others surf, playing in the waves sans board, and never did find my friend in the sea of people. I also lost a bit of my bravery watching the young kids on their boards. Maybe I’m just meant to watch and swim? Maybe shark bait isn’t my idea of a chance I want to take for right now. There’s no shame in that….But. Just in case. There is plenty of sunshine left as well as beach-worthy days if I should change my mind…