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Fun in the Kitchen

Today’s subject: Fun in the kitchen. Men, get your minds out of the gutter and think appliances, specifically dishwashers. A man shared with me that he and his wife don’t own a dishwasher and actually visit while they do the dishes (by hand). No, his name wasn’t John Boy Walton, but for the rest of us it’s more likely a struggle between wanting to cook a healthy meal at home, and really hating to make a mountain of dirty dishes and utensils. If this is your struggle then your solution is simple- obtain a good dishwasher. Oh yeah, and while your new machine is quietly doing the cleaning you should ask your spouse how their day was.

Here’s a few of my dishwasher recommendations to meet a variety of budgets:

Miele (see video) Models ranging from $899-$2,299

General Electric GDT720 (see video) (with bottle wash jets, also great for cleaning smoothie glasses) starting at $899

Bosch SHX7PT55UC $1299 (see it here)

KitchenAid models starting at $699 (built like tanks!)

Whirlpool WDF520PADM starting at $399 (see it here)


“Avengers Assemble!”

Marvel_LogoMention Marvel and super heroes, comic books, and refrigeration may come to mind, at least for me they do. With the new Avengers movie out I can’t help but imagine combining “Marvels” and hosting my own “Marvel” outdoor theme party. Take a walk into my daydream of streaming movies on Netflix and having not one, but TWO types of beer on tap in a Marvel twin tap outdoor beer dispenser. The Marvel dispensing a stream of beer while Netflix streams Marvel movies, theme complete! To be fair, they aren’t pronounced the same. But work with me here….I’m going for effect!AGA_Outside-Cover_Final-1024x768

Marvel (as in AGA-Marvel) has a dual tap beer dispenser that (like a superhero) can transform from a beer tap into a refrigerator and back again! There are “stow-on-board” shelves that convert it seamlessly into a refrigerator. The unit can be built-in or portable. So if you need to move it closer to you but are too relaxed to move, a little push in your direction will take care of your need easily and effortlessly. Or, just lounge by the bar if you prefer it be built-in. It is the only 24″ wide model currently available that can store a 1/2 keg. The temperature can be controlled between 34° and 46° F using Marvel Prime™ technology. Decide the temp and it keeps it there. Dynamic Cooling Technology™ brings the temp down quickly when loading up the unit while also keeping the inside at the temp you select, precisely and accurately.Marvel1 Forgot to close the door? An alarm will sound if/when the unit drops/rises to above/below the set temp or if the door is left open. With a close door assist and insulated cabinet, you’ll be sure that your contents are protected from excessive vibration AND outside elements. The door is made of corrosion resistant stainless to withstand the outdoors as well. And while there is little assembly required…..the only thing left to do is “assemble” YOUR team.

We have this marvelous Marvel on display at our showroom so you can physically see all these features for yourself. And even though I don’t own one, I will. One day…

We’re Having a Baby!

KilldeerEggWith Mother’s Day coming and going last Sunday, it was a touching coincidence that Monday started with our family business preparing to grow a little bigger. A killdeer was screeching at everyone that walked up our front pathway. Dan (in billing) thought the bird was injured, so we went out to investigate. After Eric thinking it was in the sandpiper family and Mike sharing that it was most likely a killdeer, it was confirmed that one of our resident killdeers laid a single egg. Daddy was nearby shrieking and swooped by anyone that came close. If anyone walked by, Momma was screaming her head off like a kettle whistle. Poor thing! But it was quite funny to watch!KilldeerMom

After doing some research on birdwatching.com and wikipedia here are some “seeds” of facts we found on these sweeties. Their little egg looks similar to a stone. It’s smooth and creamy colored with black speckles. Killdeers are known to fake being hurt to lure people away from their nests. They aren’t aggressive and tend to lay their eggs in places you wouldn’t think are safe, such as the side of a road, or a small ground area in a parking lot. They lay their eggs right on the ground without any nesting material. The dad will sit on the eggs at night, with mom taking over in the day. They take about 25 days to hatch. Our little adopted feathered baby may just take flight right before Father’s Day!

KilldeerDadThey’ve calmed down around us over the week. We will keep an eye on the nest until then (bunch of softies that we are). If you happen to stop by, don’t be alarmed by our little family out front. They will most likely welcome you into our showroom with their screaming and carrying on. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


UPDATE 5/15/15: We now have two eggs!! Stay tuned folks!!

UPDATE 5/16/15: And then there were 3…



Ice, Ice, Baby

ScotsmanIce3A client of ours, Wally David, walked in and was looking for a “soft ice” maker. While I was unfamiliar with the term “soft ice”, I showed him three under-counter models. As it turns out “soft ice” is what I know as “nugget” ice, which is also known as “cubelet” ice, and “Sonic” ice (because Sonic uses it). We both took a few nuggets out to taste/crunch test. This immediately brought me back to winter in Jersey. It was just like eating freshly fallen snow, only bigger and more substantial! Perfection! While there is a variety of cube choices and ice makers, after our little tour I am now biased and have decided to focus this blog on my new favorite ice……nugget ice.  After picking in-house sales consultant Dean Snyder’s brain here are some pros and cons to nugget ice.ScotsmanIce5

First the pros. It is chewable. So while ice chewing isn’t ideal by dental standards, this ice is easy on the teeth. The reason it is easier on the teeth is because it truly is “softer”. Nugget machine ice is formed by an ice shaving process so it is less dense than clear ice machine production that is layered with water. It’s not frozen solid as non-nugget machines. This type of cube will take on the flavor of the drink it is in because of its “softness”. It holds the drink. So after you’ve gulped down your beverage, you’ll have a tasty treat to crunch and munch on! This type of ice never gets stale because it is made and melts quickly.


Now the cons. It is not a clear ice machine and therefore it does not rid itself of impurities in the water. This is why it is a good idea to have filtered water hooked up to the unit. It also melts quickly. This could actually be a pro if you want a slightly diluted drink. Also, a unit that makes nugget ice could be as much as twice the price of other ice makers.

If you are interested in taste testing our cubes and machines, stop in to our showroom with your favorite beverage to test out our cubes and choose your favorite!