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French, Love, and Wall Ovens


“Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” ~ Julia Child

When cuisine, culinary delights, and delicacies enter our minds we may tend to think of Paris. The French have inspired many things, kisses, cooking, art, fashion, design, scents, Julia Child, and doors. “Doors?” you ask? Yes. Doors. Schfancy doors that meet together, open together, and invite us in to all sorts of delights. French doors are slowly easing their way into our kitchens. They first began showing up years ago on refrigeration and have now sashayed their way into the realm of built-in cooking.

GE FD WO 5GE’s Monogram line debuted their first French door wall oven this year. It may have you saying “Ooh La La! C’est magnifique!” and here’s why. For a 30” single French door wall oven it boasts a spacious 5 cubic foot oven capacity. It offers true European convection using the rear convection fan and vertical vented slots to uniformly circulate the oven heat. Every cookie will be perfect and roasts will arrive to the table quicker, tender, and juicy. GE FD WO 4There are two glide-out, full extension racks, as well as one traditional rack. A rarity for self clean, all three racks can be left in the oven during the self clean cycle. This oven also offers a steam clean option. Features like LED theatre lighting and Wi-Fi capabilities are standard. The Wi-Fi feature allows you operate your oven from a smart phone or web-enabled device. (That is so cool!) It doesn’t stop there. With a 10 pass dual broil and a 10 pass hidden bake element, there is no doubt of how even and precise your results will be upon completion of your creations.GE FD WO 2 It is ADA compliant and also has easy open handles allowing you to pull open both doors by pulling either the right or left handle.

Monogram isn’t the only manufacturer that is offering a French door wall oven.  Viking, American Range, and Blue Star offer French door models if your inspiration is leaning more towards a color, gas, or double wall oven option.

To fall in love at first sight with your very own French door oven stop by our showroom.

Parade Through Paradise

PhilKeanWe live in a fantastic state, don’t we? We draw all sorts of people to our area searching for their own slice of paradise. Some Floridians, native and newbies, join forces and build some of the most amazing homes, homes many only dream of calling “home.” Then we throw the Greater Orlando Builders Association into the mix. They organize and implement this tried and loved idea of having people “parade” through impressive builder creations….free of charge. A walk through one of these dream homes and a faint whisper of “What if?” hums through them. What could you dream up and have built for you given the right resources? What a way to take a weekend walk…..with slip-on booties to protect the floors, of course!POH_LOGO

We are proud to have been selected by many Orlando builders to be featured in 26 homes. Their selections are showcased in the Parade of Homes. The parade began April 18th & 19th and continues this weekend on April 25th & 26th. We wish everyone involved much success and many dreams come true during this Parade of Homes.

If you are interested in the featured builders we partnered with during this parade, click their links below to start making your dreams of a custom home come true. And while the Parade of Homes concept is practiced in other areas….a parade through paradise puts Orlando in a whole different realm of dreaming.

Beck Custom Homes

Brannon Construction

E2 Homes

Fortis Enterprises

Groninger Homes

Hardwick General Contracting

Hiatt Schrimsher Construction

Konkol Custom Homes & Remodeling

Legacy Construction


Osprey Custom Homes

Phil Kean Designs

Phoenix Realty Homes Inc

Regal Classic Homes

Silliman Homes

Stonebridge Homes

Vintage Estate Homes, LLC

Z Properties

Grill Season doesn’t mean you need to get your hunting license renewed.


Full disclosure, I’m not a native of Florida; but I’m close.  My family moved from East Tennessee when I was only four years old.  As someone who considers myself a Floridian, I find it odd when 10162 OUTDOORKIT_MABpeople complain about missing the change of seasons.  We have a change of seasons here.  We go from beautiful to miserably hot and humid and back to beautiful.  We skip the unbearably cold and constantly gray season.  What is confusing to me is that if a northern transplant misses that so much, why don’t they move back?


Some of our appliance manufacturers don’t quite understand our Florida seasons.  This time of year they start to get us ready for “Grill Season”.  Our grill season started when the first natives migrated south and will end at the apocalypse.  Since we never have to shovel a path in the snow to get to our grills, we do not have to call an end to grill season.  If we ever slow down our outdoor grilling, it is because of how hot and humid it is outside.  We offer some of the world’s most awesome outdoor grills, but if you want to accomplish the same type of cooking inside, we have products for your kitchen, too._DSC3133Edit

Wolf has an infrared grill option on their pro-style ranges and rangetops.  We have long considered the outdoor grills with infrared sear zones as the ultimate cooking machines.  Their indoor grill zone is not as big as the Wolf outdoor grills, but the performance is absolutely as good.  Viking, DCS, GE Monogram and several other manufacturers have grill options with traditional gas tube burners on their ranges and rangetops.  Expect performance on those to be similar to the traditional burners on outdoor grills.  Thermador has just introduced a high output electric grill option on their ranges and rangetops that is super easy to clean.  If you don’t have the space for a pro-style range, we have in counter grills from GE outdoor_grill_banner_02Wolf, Miele, Gaggenau, and BlueStar.  With any of these great indoor grill options available you never have to let weather (northern winter or Florida summer) ruin your grill outs, just make Wolf Grillthem grill ins.  No, you can’t effectively barbeque on an indoor grill and, yes, there is a big difference in grilling and barbequing.  Never invite an East Tennessean to a barbeque and serve burgers and dogs.  We love that kind of food, but it is grilled, not barbequed.  We can get into those differences in a future blog.

That’s Amore

pizzaOvenoutside“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore”  would be the tune that came to mind when I first fell in love with Lynx’s new, outdoor, pizza oven, the Napoli.


Pizza has taken on a life of it’s own in our homes. With many of our diets delving into the organic, gluten free, paleo, and vegan paths, just to name a few, many at-home chefs have taken to making their own dough, sauce, and experimenting with their own fresh toppings to provide a better overall “pizza” experience. What better way to add to that experience than having your own outdoor pizza oven, especially when you can do so much more than just bake a pizza pie? With temps that range up to 700 degrees and a domed cooking appliance that can roast and bake, cooking ideas and diets can reach a whole new level!


Lynx has come out with a 30”, gas powered, outdoor pizza oven that really delivers. With 2 infrared heating lamps on either side of the interior walls, a completely insulated domed ceramic top and flat ceramic bottom, and a thermostat that reaches 700 degrees within 35 minutes, pizza isn’t the only thing you could bake up in this beauty. It can be vented forward or backwards and is made of 304 grade stainless. It comes only in gas and can be hooked up to natural gas or liquid propane. There is a built-in option or a cart option depending on your outdoor kitchen design. The oven starts at $4499 MSRP for the built-in model and is currently on display at our showroom.  Stop in and take a chance on falling in love with it yourself!Lynx-Logo-BW-White


I Can’t Drive 55


Doesn’t the Highway Patrol try to tell us that speed kills?  Anyone that has seen me drive will think it is ironic that I’m pointing that out.  I really don’t drive that fast, but I do enjoy the turbo and the awesome suspension on my car sometimes.  In the kitchen, it is a different story.  When cooking, speed thrills.  Restaurant chefs love ovens that will blend a little microwave with baking heat.  In our industry, we call those Speed Ovens.  Thermador introduced that technology in the 70’s, but several brands now have speed ovens.  GE’s Advantium® oven is the best known speed oven.  Instead of traditional heating elements in a microwave, they have halogen light bulbs that get hot almost instantly.  When the halogen heat is used in conjunction with a little microwave energy, your food can be done up to eight times faster.  Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?  Well, don’t worry, they made it simple.


The home economists who work in GE’s Louisville, KY design center cooked and experimented with so much food they all gained lots of weight, but in the end they were able to program the Advantium to automatically use just the right amount of halogen, convection and microwave for dozens of foods.  Just dial up the food that you are cooking and the oven does the rest.  Miele, Jenn-Air, and Bosch have similar ovens, all of them with automated speed cooking.  If you just want to microwave, they do that too.  They will just convection bake as well, so it’s like getting three ovens in one.


All of the ovens mentioned are based on microwave ovens.  They are big enough for most things, but maybe not everything.  If you want your Thanksgiving turkey in less than half the normal time, then you probably need Viking’s new TurboChef oven.  They are promising cooking speeds up to 15 times faster than conventional cooking.  Viking Range Corp was purchased in 2013 by restaurant equipment manufacturer The Middleby Corporation.  Middleby’s plan is to take commercial technology and migrate it into residential kitchens.  This month they begin shipping the Viking version of the commercial TurboChef oven.  The oven cavity is as large as a standard oven and it blends baking heat and microwave energy with up to 60MPH hot air.  With a TurboChef, you’ll be able to sing along with Sammy Hagar as long as you change the words from “I can’t drive 55” to “I can’t cook 55!”

Blog Author – Our In House Appliance Expert, Doug White