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Drying off with a sneaker

Comedian Zach Galifianakis once said you know it’s time to do the laundry when you dry off with a sneaker. Here’s an option before it ever gets to that point.

ASKO laundry was inspired and created by a young Swedish farmer, Karl-Erik Andersson, in 1950. His vision and creation even astounded his mother who apparently wasn’t that easily impressed. His inspiration and creation have brought us all a fantastic option for either a main laundry set or a second set for another area of the house. If you are looking to protect your clothing, be more energy conscious, and have thorough, low chemical cleaning of your clothing, you may be interested in what ASKO has to offer. They have been in the front load laundry business way before it ever became the norm and haven’t had many of the issues consumers have faced with other brands. Let’s explore “why” together, shall we? Asko Laundry2 ASKO units have never had an odor problem. The washer drum is hard mounted as opposed to having a soft bellows gasket, which equals zero mold growth. No science experiments here, sorry. The drain pump line is easily accessible since it’s accessed from the front of the machine. Do you know why this is important to you or me? Because we leave things in our pockets, that’s why. Toys, gum, coins, really big lint, etc. This handy-dandy feature let’s you clean out anything that gets caught in there eliminating costly service calls. There are shocks in the bottom of the washer unit keeping vibration low as it spins out your clothing at 1200-1400 rpm depending on the model. It’s smart, too! It is a cold water only hookup so the machine controls the water temp and heats it to the proper temperature based on the cycle selection. The units can be vented or non-vented. They plug into each other and come with their own stacking kit. Asko Laundry You can kiss your bleach goodbye since their machines heat water to 205 degrees. Detergent and fabric softener usage is also reduced since the machine relies mainly on temperature and wash technique to clean your clothes, not chemicals. No detergent is left on the clothing after a wash and so it doesn’t get baked into your clothes in the dryer. Asko LogoSo before you ever resort to drying yourself off with a sneaker give ASKO a shot at impressing you. If Karl-Erik was able to impress his mom who was insistent on the highest of standards, maybe he can impress you, too.

Don’t play with your food!!!

It’s 6pm. You’re just getting home from a long day. Your kids, spouse, significant other, your pet, (insert other hungry mouth here), or just YOU are starving. Who has time to cook a healthy meal that will be tasty and quick? Apparently we do. It might even mean that everyone puts their smart phones down and *GASP* talk to each other over a meal. Imagine?!? That’s just what Subzero-Wolf is suggesting AND they say we can do it easily with just a little planning and foresight. Hmmmm, interesting…


We were told as children not to play with our food….and it seems to me this campaign is saying “Why not?!”

Subzero-Wolf, an elite line of cooking and refrigeration products, has nobly started their “Reclaim the Kitchen” campaign. Their concept is that we are spending more time buying meals outside of the home and not cooking for ourselves (true, true). Are we missing out on fun and nutrition when we pick fast food or take out? Who really likes that garbage anyway? I don’t see any hands up…roastedchickenwithnewpotatoesandasparagusSo what they are saying in a nutshell is taking a few extra minutes to go buy fresh, fun, colorful, healthy foods with (or without) company and head home to create a quick meal is actually doable? Yes! And…all the “chefs”, young, in-between, and old, may have the chance to talk, share, and create memories as well! Little ones, playing with food, filling their bodies and souls with a home cooked meal that they help create within reach. My reach. Yours. I’m not kidding. Teach them about nutrition and helpfulness while bonding over food? I’m definitely picking up what Subzero-Wolf is putting down. I can do this! I think you can, too!


And what about all you singles out there? Blast some music, break out the seasonings and get your creative side flowing. Cooking is an art and what better way to nourish your body and creative spirit than with a masterpiece you’ve whipped up either for yourself or for someone visiting?

As our lives get a little nuts we don’t have to sacrifice happy bellies OR play time with our food in the kitchen. Find your inner kid and get back to playing with your food.

Subzero-Wolf has happily cooked up a website here with easy, fast recipes and links that fit our fabulous lifestyles and insane schedules. And here’s the link of their press release on this awesome initiative in partnership with Chef Kathleen Flinn.

And by the way… if you click the “food on the table” pictures you’ll go right to their recipe link.

(Silly raspberry heads photo credit to Raw Food Rehab)



What’s All the Buzz About?

Induction cooking literally creates quite the buzz…..

Recently we had a client come in asking about the buzzing coming from her induction range. She didn’t know if it was supposed to be making sounds when turned on and in use. There can be a buzzing sound that varies both in volume and pitch depending on the cookware, the brand of the appliance, and the amount of contents within the cookware.

The buzz is caused by the vibrations of the metal within the cookware used and varies depending on the metals within the pan itself and how the metals are distributed within it. Each appliance manufacturer uses their own design and engineering to create their inductors which in turn may cause natural variances in the tone and volume of the buzzing if it is heard at all.


We conducted our own experiments in our live showroom to find out more by using different cookware brands, a cast iron pan, and a few of our induction cooktops. We found that cast iron makes virtually no sound on any brand. We also found that the amount of water in each pan would change the pitch of the buzz. We found that different pan brands created different buzzing sounds. We found that once the water began to boil, the sound of the boiling water overpowered any buzzing sound that was present. We don’t think the sound is noticeable once those spoons start clanging and meals start going!

These factors may or may not be important depending on the chef, but we felt it is worth mentioning. We encourage anyone to come down and test this unique induction feature with your own pots and pans to hear for yourself….the buzz on induction!!

Miele 48″ Pro Range – Immer Besser


Miele’s trade phrase “Immer Besser” means “Forever Better”. They have not disappointed with their latest 48” pro-range release.

Their 48” dual fuel pro range comes fully equipped with a variety of features that really draw an interested at-home chef into the fine world of pro ranges. Starting at a $12,499 maybe it should be called the “Bells and Whistles” model or the “What more can you fit into a pro range” line, and here’s why….

With speed oven capabilities, moisture plus that introduces steam into the oven for amazing baking and roasting results, push-to-open warming drawer, optional rotisserie cooking, wireless roasting probe, dual stacked burner system with true simmer, and oven racks that are dishwasher safe….this is easily a darling go-to choice for this class and price point of appliances.MieleProRangeOpenPic

Intuitive, touch screen controls allow swiping through the oven functions, while touching a button sets up the ComfortLift feature allowing an easy tilted view of the control panel. Backlit precision knobs attract the eye and allow steady control of the range top. Could your wrist use a break? The cool ComfortSwivel handle moves with your hand. The Soft Open and Soft Close features allow ease of use without too much strain on the door.

The list of features goes on and on. Proofing? Check. Rapid preheat? Check. Dehydrate? Defrost? Check, check! You want it all? Visit the website here for even MORE features.MieleProRangeKnob

Read more on Miele’s new range line in their February 2015 Press Release or come here to see it nestled in with the rest of the Miele family in our stunning new live kitchen suite slated to be completed by the end of February.