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Aggressive Appliances – Latest Plan To Sell

As a student of the Seminole State College Interior Design Program, I am just about halfway through my National Kitchen and Bath Association internship at Aggressive Appliances. This has opened up to me the world of fine appliances in a showroom with almost a boutique atmosphere. That is unique in the appliance world- how a boxy shaped machine can evoke that feeling. The appliances are displayed in kitchen vignettes throughout the store with visually exciting displays that are constantly updated. Aggressive Appliances is a family owned and run business with a friendly and welcoming environment. Everyone, from the salespeople to the accountants, is happy to answer my questions and assist me with my tasks.

I have been charged with a project to help facilitate the business launch a line of more affordable appliances including dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators, microwaves and washer and dryers. Aggressive Appliances is looking to expand their target audience to include appliance shoppers who are in all price categories.

My first task was to take the measurements of the area of the showroom that will be devoted to these appliances. I then used my space planning skills with the aid of the computer using an architectural program, taking into account the many variables of this part of the showroom floor. I had visited several area appliance stores to see how their space was arranged. It seemed to me that they had no assistance in space planning, as I could not find any particular pattern or reasoning in the display of their goods. For example, there was a mishmash of varying prices rather than an orderly arrangement of price, brand or features. Therefore, I was determined to create a floor plan at Aggressive that was less confusing to shoppers.

In my personal experience shopping in a store where there is a puzzling display of merchandise, I tend to feel overwhelmed, causing me to shut down mentally and emotionally. With this in mind, I wanted an orderly sequence of appliances that helped to direct shoppers to the right appliance for them. I also had to consider parameters such as the strategic placement of the sales desks, arrangement of the appliances so they won’t block the salesperson’s view of the front door, as well as comfortable aisle sizes, all while displaying as many products as possible.

We are now ready to start placing the appliances on the floor, as well as ordering new models that will be stocked and ready to be delivered for those who need their machines right away. We are tagging many appliances for clearance to make room for the new models. I can’t wait to see the end result and I anticipate that new customers will be welcomed and excited by the expansion of products.
backroom picAA Floorplan

Contributed by Karen Lewis, Interior Design Student and Intern for Aggressive Appliances