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Connecting with Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest
I just completed a tour of the facilities at the Second Harvest Food Bank, thanks to our goodwill ambassador Tina Wilson connecting with Sasha Hausman . They are located just down the street from our store on Mercy Drive. The first thing they did was feed us lunch (yes they really did-and it was good) and Sasha together with a board member (Andy) shared some astounding statistics about Central Florida and hunger. These good people are in the business (not for profit) of distributing food to folks in need, among other things. SH operates so efficiently, working with dozens of local agencies, at distributing food to the needy in a multi county area of Central Florida, and I mean lots of food, as in millions and millions of pounds. One of those other things they do involves training chefs in their full commercial restaurant kitchen. Led by Chef Israel Santiago, this program boasts a 100% employment record for its graduates; and no wonder after meeting Chef Israel. His students are the beneficiaries of an excellent program and an inspirational leader. They are fighting hunger (and poverty) effectively and our communities are truly lifted by this organization. After touring the storage warehouse, receiving docks, super chilled refrigerator and freezer storage rooms we, tourees, were sufficiently impressed. A serious “WOW’ was all we could say. At tour’s end they gave us information on how to get involved and you can bet that we will.
Come to find out Tina has worked out a deal so that in the near future their chef trainees will be helping us with our Thursday lunches. As a conscious capitalist I love it when we can partner and serve together with an organization like Second Harvest.