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Wolf Steam Oven Customer Review!

The best reviews are straight from first hand experience with a product!  One of our customers recently purchased a Wolf Steam Oven and absolutely loves it!  He sent us this note reviewing his experience using it:


As you know, my wife and I were somewhat skeptical with regards to substituting the new Wolf Steam Oven instead of a traditional second oven for our new home.  After using the steam oven now for about 2 months, we are finding that we no longer use our primary oven or the microwave as the benefits the steam over provide are remarkable.  In both preparing all type of recipes from cooking, baking, steaming, and reheating leftovers, we find the quality of the food outstanding.

We have been programmed over the years with the Microwave of expecting food to be prepared in the matter of minutes and having the quality marginal.  As we all know, good quality comes with the element of time and a lot of this we lose just in the initial preheating of the oven.  With the steam oven you don’t preheat.  The steam oven attains its cooking temperature so quickly that time is saved over a traditional oven.  Also, we are finding the total cooking time for many recipes is less than a traditional oven and not much longer than a microwave and again, the quality is substantially better than that of either.

When it come to reheating leftovers, here the steam oven leaves all others.  It’s almost like getting the consistency and flavor of the food as if it was just cooked.  The ability to introduce moisture back into a food that has been refrigerated is amazing.  You have to experience this to believe as we were doubters as most clients are at first.

There are still uses for both the main oven and microwave, however  the microwave has been reduced to just heating coffee as the steam oven can do everything the microwave can do, just better.  The only thing you give up is a little bit of time but if you enjoy good food as we do, then patience is rewarded.

Thank you and Cathy from Subzero and Wolf again for your recommendation and we will be recommending this product to our clients.

Mark & Lori Nasrallah

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