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Big Green Egg Kamodo Style Grill Is A Must

da7174fThe Big Green Egg is a kamado style ceramic cooker that has attracted masses of fans around the globe. One of our employees tried out the Big Green Egg for themselves and determined this is a must-need for every home in Florida; it has had a cult-like effect on everyone at Aggressive Appliances and we just can’t stay away!

The high quality materials make these cookers last for decades, so finding a way to integrate them into a summer kitchen (not just as a roll around product) was bound to happen. Originating centuries ago, the ceramic kamado cooker served as the main cooking appliance for millions of people, and it still does today. With the ability to bake, broil, smoke, and grill at controlled temperatures it simply begs to be cooked on all year long. Aggressive owns one for cooking at our events and one by one each of our staff is joining the cult!

While there are many, many competitors on the market these days including Primo and Kamado Joe, the Big Green Egg is undoubtedly the benchmark kamado cooker. Even the competitors seem to agree, as everyone else’s sales pitch contains the line “it’s just as good as the Big Green Egg”. Dubbed as the original American-designed ceramic cooker, the Big Green Egg’s USA made precision temperature gauge allows backyard chefs to control heat accurately up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. The Big Green Egg was also the first ceramic grill manufacturer to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty as a testament to their quality over competitors.

We can attest that selling the BGE is somewhat akin to a pyramid scheme in that a friend tells a friend, etc. and it’s a snowball of affection for the product from there. Something else that’s nice and rare in this level of product is that the Big Green Eggs are affordable because there’s a model for everyone. The Big Green Egg prices start at $399 for the mini, with larger Big Green Egg models available at $559, $659, $849, and the Xlarge at $1,199.

Come check out the Big Green Egg in person and find out how you can kick off summer with one of the most versatile cookers on the market!


Pre-Delivery Site Inpsections

I would like to share with you in this brief article a service that our company performs at no charge for our clients. Our staff goes to client’s homes and jobsites before appliances are delivered to ensure that the area is properly prepared to accommodate the product that has been purchased (often done pre-purchase). We check for placement of electrical, plumbing, and gas connections. We measure cabinet and other openings. This proactive behavior uncovers issues that can be addressed before they become critical or insurmountable. Recently one of our sales people asked me to do a site inspection for him because it was in my neighborhood. This particular one was a kitchen remodel, so I contacted the homeowner and who said it wasn’t necessary, but relented when I said it would be no charge and that I wouldn’t take long. As it turned out the client wanted a gas cooktop because the granite countertop installers wanted the appliance on site in order to make a couple of notches that the installation instructions were unclear on. Kudos to that granite company (we’re always happy to work with other suppliers and subcontractors to make jobs go smoothly). Inspection summary: the electrical placements were wrong for the 48” wide built-in refrigerator, as well as the gas cooktop, and the wall ovens.  Appliances can’t be installed until the electrical is in the right spot.  The result would’ve been a disappointed client on delivery day because of the delay and added cost caused by these errors.

We’ve never charged for this service, and have no plans to do so. We do it because we strongly believe it is a part of our plan to make customers into loyal clients.   Appliances are competitively priced; so we strive to bring added value through “no charge” services.  Our company’s goal is to be the best at every aspect of the appliance business from having the best showroom and sales staff to having the best installation and delivery to maintaining our customers’ appliances with a world class service department; these no cost site inspections carry us one step closer to that goal.

Jerry Jaskot, Owner